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MasterTug Is Used By Premium Car Manufacturers To Move Composites Tooling

Published : 13/03/2013

Premium sports car manufacturers are benefiting from the use of MasterMover® electric tugs to move heavy composites tooling and large components such as the chassis. Carbon fibre composites are valued for their ideal combination of durability and light weight – yet, from an operational viewpoint, manufacturing...

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Equipment Movers Help Aircraft Manufacturers To Move Invar Aerospace Tooling

Published : 07/03/2013

Several leading manufacturers of high-quality aerospace parts are using MasterMover® electric tugs for the accurate and reliable movement of the heavy Invar mould tools used to create carbon composites components. Invar is highly valued in the aerospace industry because it does not expand or contract under...

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Providing Porters With Electric Tow Trucks Will Deliver NHS Cost Savings And Improve Patient Care

Published : 06/03/2013

While the latest reports show that the NHS is ahead of schedule in its four-year plan to make £20 billion in cost savings, Trust Managers are overlooking simple efficiency measures in portering operations, claims MasterMover®. Porters are a vital aspect of hospital management, supporting clinical services through...

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Electric Tugger Sales Growth Fuelled By Worldwide Expansion

Published : 23/01/2013

MasterMover®, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric tug solutions, has announced that 2012 has been its most successful year to date. Its 2012 turnover of £6.1 million was an increase of over 45% on the 2011 total of £4.1 million. The company attributes its success to the culmination of a strategic plan...

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MasterMover Ltd Employees Cheer After Receiving £1500 Christmas Bonus

Published : 15/12/2012

STAFF at an Ashbourne firm are celebrating after being handed their early Christmas present - in the shape of four-figure bonuses. Last week bosses at MasterMover announced that Christmas was coming early for their employees, who manufacture and distribute electric machines from their base at the Airfield...

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Master Movers Ashbourne Hand Staff Surprise £1500 Christmas Bonus

Published : 12/12/2012

Andy Owen, managing director at MasterMover will be giving all staff a £1,500 bonus this Christmas. Gareth Nash, team leader on the shop floor, said: "When they called us together I thought we were in trouble! So, when they announced the bonus, emotionally I went from one end of the scale to the other." Each...

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Terex Moves Towards A Forklift-Free Factory With New Electric Tugs

Published : 19/10/2012

Terex Corporation, based in the US is a leading manufacturer of heavy material processing equipment including mobile and static crushing, screening, washing and recycling equipment. Being focused on reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to its employees, Terex has invested in two electric operated tugs for...

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MasterMover Talk Handling Equipment To HSS

Published : 01/09/2012

Passion For Traction - Andy Owen has been managing director of MasterMover since 2007. Here, he talks to Simon Duddy about the company's ethos, new products on the horizon, and how he has developed the company in recent years, expanding into new industries and territories, such as Brazil. Simon Duddy: What...

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Power Tow Machines From MasterMover Make Engine Assembly Leaner

Published : 03/08/2012

Industrial off-highway and construction vehicles need very large engines, which often weigh in excess of 4,000 KG. As with most modern manufacturing lines, mobility and lean principles play important roles in determining how assembly takes place and, more importantly, how fast this process can be. Two leading...

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Boat Mover Tug Replaces Brute Force During Production Of Super Yachts

Published : 02/08/2012

One issue faced by the majority of boat builders is the lack of space within the traditional boat yard; a problem compounded by the size of the modern luxury super yacht and the equipment needed for its production. In one particular case, MasterMover was approached by a company that builds modern, composite super...

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