Electric Tug Solutions

MasterMover offers a comprehensive range of electric tug and electric tow solutions for the safe and efficient movement of heavy wheeled loads.

With the widest range of products available on the market, and a proven track record, trust MasterMover to deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

Benefits of an electric tug

Electric tugs are used across industrial manufacturing sectors all around the world, delivering a range of benefits...

Improving operational efficiency - icon

Increase operational efficiency

Empower a single operator to easily move heavy loads, allowing your people to focus on high-value tasks.

Staff safety - icon

Improve workplace safety

Maximise safety and reduce risk by using electric tugs to deliver the controlled, safe movement of heavy loads.

Eliminate manual handling - icon

Reduce manual handling

Protect your people by reducing the need for manual handling of heavy loads, driving safety and efficiency in the operation.

Return on Investment - icon

Realise Return-on-Investment

Electric tugs deliver ROI, through driving operational efficiency, reducing disruption and improving safety standards.

Proven and effective electric tug solutions 

Experience the reliability and effectiveness of our range of battery-powered electric tugs and tows. Whether you're handling a weight of 500kg or 30,000kg, our products are designed to deliver consistent and dependable performance.


Up to 6,000 kg

Compact electric tugs

You need material handling solutions that improve safety and efficiency. Our electric tow tugs enable you to move loads in tight spaces with complete ...

View the Compact range


Up to 30,000 kg

Performance electric tugs

Moving heavy loads is what we do. Our performance range of electric tugs empowers you to move up to 30,000kg with a single machine with complete ...

View the Performance range


Up to 30,000 kg

AGV electric tugs

Take advantage of fully autonomous load moving to move loads up to 30,000kg. Unlock greater efficiency and streamline processes.

View the AGV range

Custom Solutions

Custom electric tug solutions

Need something different? We’re on hand to support you with custom requirements and designs, from full machines to bespoke coupling solutions.

View Custom Solutions

Electric tugs by range

SmartMover SM100+ electric tug

SmartMover Range

Up to 2,000 kg

Compact but powerful, the SmartMover is the ideal solution to reduce manual handling.

SmartMover electric tugs are trusted to improve safety across industrial manufacturing, retail and logistics, and can be used inside, outside and on slopes, to offer performance across a wide range of applications.

MasterTow TOW1000+ ES electric tug

MasterTow Range

Up to 20,000 kg

Our MasterTow electric tow tugs are the perfect solution to towing heavy loads, whether that is a single item or a train of platforms for maximum efficiency.

Take advantage of technology options, with higher capacity models featuring electric steer, and optional remote control and automation capabilities.

MasterTug MT800+ electric tug

MasterTug Range

Up to 20,000 kg

The MasterTug range of electric tugs boasts a compact yet powerful design, harnessing our revolutionary weight transfer technology to effortlessly generate traction and the necessary power to effortlessly move even the heaviest of loads.

With equal force in both pushing and pulling, MasterTug becomes the ultimate solution when seamless movement in all directions is needed.

PowerSteered PS3000+ electric tug

PowerSteered Range

Up to 30,000 kg

The PowerSteered range of electric tugs features remote control operation as standard, offering the ultimate solution for moving the largest of loads whilst driving safe and efficient operations.

Take advantage of MultiLink, with multiple electric tugs working in synchronisation, under the control of a single operator.

MasterTow TOW300 stainless steel electric tug

Stainless Steel Range

Up to 15,000 kg

When it comes to efficiently and securely transporting heavy equipment, products, and materials in controlled production environments, look no further than our exceptional Stainless Steel range of electric tugs.

Crafted using 316 stainless steel and boasting an impressive IP rating of up to IP55, these electric tugs effortlessly move heavy loads in clean rooms and other strictly regulated settings.

AGV electric tugs

AGV Range

Up to 30,000 kg

Experience unparalleled operational efficiency and safety standards by harnessing the power of fully automated load movement solutions. Streamline your processes and empower your team to focus on tasks of higher value.

MasterMover AGV solutions are meticulously designed with cutting-edge safety and navigation technology, backed by a 25-year track record of successful load movement. Discover the ultimate of automated systems.

Electric tow tug safety features & options

When it comes to handling materials, prioritising operator safety is essential, especially when working in crowded areas where heavy loads are being moved.

Our electric tugs are equipped with a comprehensive range of safety features, protecting both the operators and the people, equipment and environment around them.


Ergonomic controls

Ergonomic controls

Emergency stop

Emergency stop

Automatic tiller cut off

Automatic tiller cut off

Anti-crush button

Anti-crush button

Castor guard

Castor guard

Visual safety aids

Visual safety aids

Audible alerts

Audible alerts

Adjustable speed

Adjustable speed

Electric tug prices

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Learn more about our electric tug solutions

Our company brochure provides a wealth of information about our products and services, offering details of our electric tug and electric tow ranges, as well as how they are used across different industries.

Download the brochure now to learn more about how we can help solve your material handling challenges.

MasterTug electric tug moving body-in-white at VW

Case study: Volkswagen EV Plant Supercharges Workplace Safety

As one of the largest automotive OEMs in the world, Volkswagen is committed to creating a safe working environment for its employees. 

Learn how VW used MasterMover electric tugs to improve workplace safety.

I’d certainly be happy to recommend the MasterMover AGV to other organisations looking to automate their driving processes.

We were able to deploy the electric tugs on many sites, and we have received very good feedback from users.

They are high-quality, reliable and easy to operate, and furthermore, they offer fantastic control and movement in tight spaces – so they are ideal for use in the biopharma industry.

The tugs have enabled us to change the way we produce our units, making the workshop more efficient and a safer environment.

We wouldn’t be able to meet the needs of our trash hauling company without having MasterMover’s electric tug to get our containers out of the building and to the street safely.

Our staff have given us some great feedback and love the MasterMover’s simplicity of use and safety features.

Your questions, answered - FAQs

Do I need a license to operate an electric tug?

No, you do not need a licence to use an electric tug. This is one of the many reasons industrial manufacturers are increasingly opting for electric tugs to create fork-fee environments.

Unlike forklift trucks, electric tow tugs don’t lift loads, so they do not fall under LOLER regulations (Lifting Operations ad Lifting Equipment Regulations, 1998).  

With an electric tug, you no longer need to wait for the availability of a licensed forklift truck driver to move a load.   

How long does the battery last?

Like any battery, the battery life of an electric tug or electric tow is determined by usage, specification, and environmental factors. Battery life can be influenced by variables such as:  

  • Load weight and route  
  • Run speed  
  • Battery specification/size  
  • Environmental conditions such as temperature

We provide a runtime figure on each of our product pages.   

Will they work on slopes?

Yes, all MasterMover machines will work on slopes. The maximum angle our tugs are capable of clearing, on average, is 8°.  

It is important to remember that for every degree of slope involved, the maximum load capacity of the machine is reduced, just as pushing a car on the level requires less force than on a slope.  

Therefore, if the weight of the load is already close to the maximum capacity of the machine a more powerful tug may be needed to move the load on a slope.   

Can they work outside?

Yes, all our electric tow tugs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our AllTerrain tow tug range is the ideal solution for the most challenging of environments.

What if I need a custom solution?

For applications where a standard solution isn’t the right fit, we have a dedicated engineering team on hand to create custom solutions. With 25 years of industry experience in providing customised solutions, you’re in safe hands with MasterMover.   

Ready to Unlock Safer Operations?

Are you looking to improve safety and efficiency in your operations? Contact us to discover how you could transform your processes to enhance efficiency and maximise workplace safety with an electric tug or electric tow tug.