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MasterMover - Electric Tug Solutions

MasterMover is an award-winning manufacturer of electric tugs, and electric tow tugs, designed to improve operational efficiency and safety in material handling.

Our comprehensive range includes pedestrian operated, remote-controlled and autonomous (AGV) options, giving you the ability to select the right machine for your application.

Used globally, in applications across manufacturing industries, as well as logistics and retail, our material movers benefit world-leading names by reducing manual handling, streamlining processes and effective use of resources.

About MasterMover Electric Tug Solutions

MasterMover is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric tugs and tow tugs, providing high-quality, simple to operate and innovative material handling equipment, capable of moving wheeled and semi-wheeled loads from 50kg up to 30 tonnes and above.

Our machines are trusted by industry leaders and worldwide brands across manufacturing industries, as well as logistics and retail.

The Compact Range is designed to move loads below 6,000kg, whilst our Performance range offers a wide range of options for moving heavier and often large-sized loads.

MasterMover’s Autonomous capabilities – AGVs – give manufacturers the opportunity to maximise safety, realise opportunities for operational efficiency and optimise the way resources are deployed and utilised.

We take a consultative approach to working with our customers, offering the benefit of our many years of experience and proven track record, to ensure the solution selected is the best fit for your requirements.

MasterMover operates globally through a network of subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and France, and via a network of selected sales and service partners around the world.

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