Terex Moves Towards A Forklift-Free Factory With New Electric Tugs

Terex electric tug mt20

Published : 19/10/2012

Terex Corporation, based in the US is a leading manufacturer of heavy material processing equipment including mobile and static crushing, screening, washing and recycling equipment. Being focused on reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to its employees, Terex has invested in two electric operated tugs for...

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MasterMover Talk Handling Equipment To HSS

Industrial tug 2

Published : 01/09/2012

Passion For Traction - Andy Owen has been managing director of MasterMover since 2007. Here, he talks to Simon Duddy about the company's ethos, new products on the horizon, and how he has developed the company in recent years, expanding into new industries and territories, such as Brazil. Simon Duddy: What...

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Power Tow Machines From MasterMover Make Engine Assembly Leaner

Pumps  generators and engine mover

Published : 03/08/2012

Industrial off-highway and construction vehicles need very large engines, which often weigh in excess of 4,000 KG. As with most modern manufacturing lines, mobility and lean principles play important roles in determining how assembly takes place and, more importantly, how fast this process can be. Two leading...

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Boat Mover Tug Replaces Brute Force During Production Of Super Yachts

Pedestrian boat moving

Published : 02/08/2012

One issue faced by the majority of boat builders is the lack of space within the traditional boat yard; a problem compounded by the size of the modern luxury super yacht and the equipment needed for its production. In one particular case, MasterMover was approached by a company that builds modern, composite super...

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Pharmaceutical Companies Use The Latest In Moving Equipment To Safely Move Chromatography Columns

Pharmaceutical chromatography column moving

Published : 01/08/2012

The world's biggest pharmaceutical companies use the latest in compact handling technology to move chromatography columns. Occupying a tiny 0.73m² , the MasterTug generates a huge amount of power; enough to move columns weighing up to 8000 KG. Naturally, safety is top of the agenda in the pharmaceutical industry...

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UK Electric Handlers Equipment Manufacturer Credits Export As Reason For Growth

Andy photo 2

Published : 02/02/2012

Despite the global economic downturn, some UK manufacturers are continuing to grow by increasing their sales in overseas markets. Andy Owen, Managing Director of UK-based manufacturer MasterMover Ltd, describes how his company is beginning to prosper from strong foundations that were laid back in 2007. “In 2007,...

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Electric Tuggers Eliminate Risk Of Injuries At Flooring Manufacturer

Mastertug hero small

Published : 02/12/2011

Derbyshire-based flooring manufacturer Forbo Flooring has greatly reduced the risk of accidents and injuries to its workforce after investing in new electric-operated tugs for moving heavy rolls of flooring between production lines. Forbo Flooring Systems is a manufacturer of floor coverings, including linoleum,...

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MasterTug Added To Dennis Eagle's Fleet Of Electric Tugs To Move Chassis Bodies


Published : 01/11/2011

Refuse vehicle manufacturer adds to fleet of MasterMovers increasing output and productivity Dennis Eagle has been providing complete recycling solutions dating back to 1907. This leading refuse vehicle manufacturer in the UK has recently increased output and productivity by adding a MasterTug to their fleet of...

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Pedestrian Tug Shows Benefit Of Mechanics Over Manpower At Profine


Published : 13/09/2011

Whether it’s pulling, pushing, lifting or lowering, it’s no longer sensible (or even legal, in some cases) to expect your workforce to take the strain. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has had its campaign spotlight focused firmly on manual handling for some time – not least because musculoskeletal disorders...

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Electric Tow Machine Is Just The Answer To Solve Manual Handling Issue For Amcor


Published : 09/08/2011

Mastermover solve manual handling problem at Amcor Mastermover solve manual handling problem at Amcor Amcor Flexibles Camvac Ltd, a division one of the world's largest packaging companies, contacted MasterMover to solve a mechanical handling issue. Operators were moving around large reels of plastic film used...

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