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Movement Of Tooling Jigs At Car Manufacturers Made Easier With MasterMover Pulling Equipment

Published : 28/07/2011

By investing in electric-operated materials handling tugs for moving heavy tooling jigs, car manufacturers can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to their operators, whilst also ensuring that jigs are delivered to their required destinations on time, preventing delays to prototyping and production. In a...

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Cart Mover Reduces Risk Of Injury And Increases Efficiency At Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

Published : 15/07/2011

The Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (LTFT) has reduced risk of accidents and injuries to its staff and improved handling efficiencies by investing in six cart movers. The electric operated materials handling tugs are used to move roll cages for catering, laundry and medical notes around its two...

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Material Handling Equipment From MasterMover Is The Perfect Choice For Vesuvius To Move Heavy Kiln Carts

Published : 01/03/2011

MasterMover makes job easier and safer for Vesuvius. Vesuvius is a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high performance specialty ceramics, refractory products and control systems for demanding industrial applications. MasterMover were approached to look at an application regarding...

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Electric Tow Truck Improves Handling Efficiencies At Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Published : 29/11/2010

By investing in electric-operated materials handling tugs for moving roll cages and other bulk supplies around the hospital, Glasgow Royal Infirmary has boosted portering efficiencies and productivity by at least 20 per cent. “By purchasing the electric tugs from MasterMover, the hospital has reduced the risk...

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Handling Solutions Drastically Reduce Process Time For Moving Heavy Mould Tools At Aerospace Manufacturer

Published : 27/10/2010

The aerospace industry is a graphic example of where the flexibility, capability and benefits of MasterMover’s pedestrian-operated tugs really come to the fore. This industry introduces a number of handling challenges, such as size and weight coupled with fragility and accuracy... but MasterMover’s range of manual...

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Introduction Of Trolley Mover Cuts Roll Cage Handling Injuries By Almost Half At Appleby Westward

Published : 06/10/2010

By investing in SmartMover electric tugs for moving roll cages from delivery vehicles to convenience stores, Appleby Westward Group has reduced manual handling injuries to its delivery drivers by 42% within six months. Appleby Westward Group Ltd is the wholesaler for SPAR in the South and South West of England....

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Electric Trailer Mover Enables Safer Movement Of Trailers Through Production At The Cartwright Group

Published : 14/09/2010

By investing in electric-operated pedestrian tugs, a manufacturer of commercial vehicle trailers has improved production flows and labour efficiencies, whilst also reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to its employees when moving trailers through each stage of production. Established in 1960, The...

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Moving Heavy Loads Is Taken To The Extreme At Chapelcross As Tugs Move 50 Tonne Nuclear Flasks

Published : 24/08/2010

Engineers at a UK-based nuclear power station are using electric-operated pedestrian tugs to assist in the movement of nuclear flasks, a critical stage in the decommissioning of the site. Not only have the tugs provided a cost effective solution to moving the flasks around in very confined spaces, but the risk of...

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Tow Tugs Help Johnston Sweepers Realise Multiple Efficiencies

Published : 12/07/2010

Following the purchase of two pedestrian operated tugs, a manufacturer of road sweepers has not only reduced manufacturing waiting times across two of its UK factories, but has also seen improved production flows and labour efficiencies, as well as eliminating the risk of accidents and injuries to employees. The...

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Power Tugger Improves Production Efficiency And Throughput For Portable Buildings Manufacturer

Published : 25/06/2010

By investing in two electric-operated pedestrian tugs, a UK-based manufacturer of modular, portable buildings has been able to improve its production flow and throughput, whilst also freeing up labour resources to focus on more value-added activities. In addition, by using the MasterMover MT20 tugs rather than...

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