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Siberian Aero Engine Manufacturer Receives Remote Training From Mastermover Team

Siberian Aero Engine Manufacturer Receives Remote Training From Mastermover Team

Learning how to move heavy aero engines around a factory in Siberia proved easy for employees – even though there is more than 5,000 miles between MasterMover’s UK headquarters and the Russian production team.

Aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney recently struck a deal to supply 40 engines to Russian plane maker Irkut Corporation for the MC-21 aircraft, an order that’s due to be completed over the next couple of years. Manufacturing is already underway at the plant in Irkutsk.

Due to the remote location of the facility plus COVID-19 restrictions surrounding international travel, MasterMover trainers weren’t able to visit the site in person.

Instead, training on a new TOW800 ES took place via video link so that employees could get used to the many safety and efficiency features offered by the machine.

The aero engines sit on a moveable stand with a tow bar and wheeled around the factory – but rather than use an alternative method such as a forklift truck or even physically manhandling the load, an electric tug was identified as the preferred option.

That was because of the compact size and excellent manoeuvrability of the TOW800 ES. Even with its small size, it still delivers on power and enables just one person to safely and effortlessly move the combined 4,000 kg weight of the engine and stand.

The customer also chose an optional remote control for full directional control and complete visibility when moving the load.

MasterMover Export Manager Simon Croskell said: “Due to the remoteness of the site, we completed the training via video link. It’s a really easy machine to use, but it was still important for staff to be confident in making the most of the tug’s features, so they can maximise safety and efficiency when moving very heavy loads and meeting production targets.

“It’s another example of how the MasterMover team has continued to offer high standards of customer service even during challenging times. On this occasion we delivered training remotely because that’s what the customer required, but we have an extensive sales and management network with local offices that gives us a truly worldwide presence. There isn’t a corner of the globe we can’t reach.”

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