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How To Achieve Cleanroom Safe Handling of Chromatography Columns

How To Achieve Cleanroom Safe Handling of Chromatography Columns

Major names in the pharmaceutical industry are using electric tugs from MasterMover to move chromatography columns, thanks to the tugs’ ideal combination of heavy load handling, compact size, precise manoeuvrability and stainless steel construction.

Chromatography columns, used to separate chemical compounds before use in pharmaceutical manufacture, are a vital step in the production process but moving can be a time-consuming operation. To avoid downtime and ensure scalability, manufacturers depend on specially designed process-scale chromatography columns capable of purifying large volumes at high velocity.

Such equipment presents a unique challenge because, while the overall weight of a column can be as much as 11,000 kg and above, it incorporates a large number of fragile components that must be handled delicately. Furthermore, the columns must be moved within laboratory environments subject to strict cleanroom conditions, limiting the type of handling equipment that can be used.

The MasterTug from MasterMover is a pedestrian-operated electric tug, which offers significant advantages for moving large-scale chromatography columns. As the tug works on the principle of weight transfer, a single operator can easily tow the column on a trolley in a controlled and low-speed manner, in order to guide the sensitive columns into place.

Similarly, because it is electrically powered and takes up minimal floor space, it can be taken into a cleanroom without compromising hygiene or the risk of knocking into valuable pharmaceutical equipment.

Meanwhile, the versatile and compact SmartMover is capable of safely and efficiently moving smaller loads of up to 1,200 kg.

Both MasterTugs and SmartMovers can be specified in cleanroom grade stainless steel in order to meet all legal and hygiene requirements within the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to chromatography columns, our moving solutions are also used to move:

• Single use mixers

• Totes and bioprocess containers

• Agitators

• Tanks, reactors and vessels

• Refrigerated cabinets

• Raw materials

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