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Electric tugs go behind the scenes to support Audience Systems

Electric tugs go behind the scenes to support Audience Systems

As a long-term customer of MasterMover, Audience Systems has turned to the company to provide solutions to keep its business centre stage for over a decade.

Based in Wiltshire, Audience Systems is the UK’s leading manufacturer of retractable and auditorium seating for theatres, schools, universities, sports venues and arenas.

It also provides durable modular staging systems and sports grandstands.

Its mobile retractable seating systems are both tall and heavy – and need to be brought in and out of buildings and sites that have limited space and access. Audience Systems also specifies MasterMover tugs as one solution to help customers open and close retractable platforms.

To meet their demands, the team at Audience Systems have utilised a range of electric tugs from MasterMover to ensure a safe and efficient load moving solution.

A recent project demonstrates the scope and scale of support that MasterMover offers across this type of application.

Audience Systems turned to MasterMover to help a client take the strain out of opening and closing retractable seating at a school’s performing arts centre in Wales.

They specified an TOW200 for the project, to interface with the seating system, enabling the platforms to be opened safely with minimal strain and effort for the operators.

Ideal for projects indoors and out, the AT200 MasterTow offers a strong, safe and agile means of moving loads up to 2,000kg.

Assured traction, controlled acceleration and automatic braking are just some of the features that have made the machine a popular choice across the globe.

Finally, in areas where acoustic performance count such as performance venues, the TOW200 delivers a near silent operation, with a rechargeable battery unit delivering a quiet and sustainable method of power.

Audience Systems’ engineering manager, Nick See said “MasterMover’s experience, expertise and impressive range of products has made them a strong partner for us in the past few years. The tugs are suitable for the sort of large loads we need to move, and there’s a good product range with different attachment methods which suit the different products in our range. Over the years we’ve fine-tuned the interface between our systems and the tugs, and the result is a very robust moving solution.”

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