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Remarkable Load Moving Solution Increases Productivity By 33% At Autofil

Remarkable Load Moving Solution Increases Productivity By 33% At Autofil

Specialist yarn manufacturer Autofil has employed MasterMover equipment at its Nottingham operation to increase efficiency and improve safety.

The acclaimed manufacturer uses advanced equipment and expert knowledge to create high quality polyester yarns that are woven into fabrics – specifically for use within automotive interiors.

Mike Fisher, Engineering and Safety Manager at Autofil explains more: “Our yarns are used primarily within car seat manufacture and we pride ourselves on the superb quality of the materials we produce. To achieve high quality we use autoclaves that apply heat treatment to stabilise and improve yarn attributes for subsequent processes.

“Loading the autoclaves is a demanding task which requires the manual manoeuvring of heavy industrial trollies,” he adds. “We have been looking to improve our loading methods for some time, not only to advance health and safety but to remove the requirement for operatives to enter the autoclave itself when inserting these trollies.”

Previously, Autofil was restricted to placing three trollies into the autoclave at a time, relying on manual handling for the entire manoeuvre. In addressing the problem, the company investigated the advantages of MasterMover technology – in particular the SmartMover; an electric tug ideal for moving all types of wheeled loads safely and effectively.

The design of the SmartMover not only makes it powerful but easy to use for operators too, allowing them to move both hi-tech vessels as well as more simple trollies. Its flexible attachment connects securely to the load whilst the variable speed and auto-stop features ensure that material handling is always safe and simple, no matter what the load, or industry.

Mike continues; “It didn’t take much convincing to see that the SmartMover would be the ideal solution for loading our autoclaves. I have previous experience of using this same machine and have complete confidence bringing its robust, easy-to-use technology to the Autofil shop floor.”

“The SmartMover has significantly improved the way we move our yarn trollies in and out of the autoclaves. We were loading three trollies at a time but can now load four, increasing efficiency. The machine’s strength means that operators no longer need to enter the autoclave in order to load. This is an improvement which we’re all extremely satisfied with.”

Since incorporating the SmartMover for use when loading autoclaves, Autofil has purchased another machine to drive a dye pack transporter in the dyehouse, also replacing manual labour – another significant health and safety improvement which the operatives are delighted with.

“It’s encouraging to hear that the SmartMover is performing so well for Autofil,” responds Andy Owen, MasterMover MD. “We strive to create equipment that increases efficiency, reduces the risk of manual handling injuries and improves shop floor processes. We understand that AutoFil’s operation team is pleased with the SmartMover and find the news of an imminent second machine very welcoming indeed.”

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