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Load Movers Increase Efficiency At Profine UK

Load Movers Increase Efficiency At Profine UK

Space at a premium! Let MasterMover increase your efficiency

Profine UK, a supplier of uPVC extruded window profiles based in Lichfield Staffordshire contacted MasterMover Limited to solve a space and manual handling problem. This German-based uPVC windows profiles specialist recently opened its 55,000 sq ft warehouse at Fradley Park in Lichfield. Storing stillages in a more economical, efficient and safe way was the order of the day.

A MasterTug, the MT5/400 now enables one man at Profine UK to pull out an extruded profile stacked in stillages 6 high on rollers weighing 6.5 tons. Using this system the amount of product that can be stored in the warehouse is far greater without needing to leave space for a conventional forklift.

Stefan Seidel, Operations Manager of Profine UK said “for our new distribution centre, it was vital to have facilities which enable us to store our stillages in a more efficient way. We then obviously needed some sort of tow truck to make the best use out of them. Amongst a number of different solutions and suppliers, we finally went for the MasterMover, there we were not only given a clever solution that worked, but also they were the supplier prepared to customise the equipment specifically for our needs”.

Employee Colin Judson commented “it will make the job much easier and is simple to use. Before we needed 4 people to move the stillages, now I can do it on my own”.

The MasterTug has 11 models in its range and is capable of pulling and pushing any wheeled or semi-wheeled loads from 50kg up to 30,000kg. This versatile machine transfers weight from the load using a manual or hydraulic mast to gain the necessary traction with a range of power capabilities.

MasterMover Ltd are the market leading manufacturers of electric tug units and electric pushing machines. Designed and manufactured in the UK, MasterMover supply machines globally into a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, distribution and leisure.

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