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Heavy Load Mover Put To The Test At Robinson Construction

Heavy Load Mover Put To The Test At Robinson Construction

Structural steelwork specialists push forward with MasterMover

Robinsons Construction, one of the top five producers of fabricated steelwork in the UK, has increased productivity and improved health & safety by using three MasterPusher machines.

The machines are used to push rail bogeys laden with up to 10 tons of steelwork through the various stages of fabrication. Engineering Director, Roger Gillanders commented: –

“The MasterMover machines are a unique tool that makes transfer of steelwork around the fabrication shop much easier”

Robinsons Construction process around 500 tons of structural steelwork every week, supplying civil and commercial engineering projects throughout the UK. Spread across a series of fabrication shops, Robinsons needed a simple method of pushing steelwork through the fabrication process and between workshops. MasterMover designed and engineered a bespoke coupling which enables quick and easy attachment of the MP50-400 pushing machine to any of the rail bogeys on site. The result is a cost effective, safe and efficient means of moving heavy loads of steel through the manufacturing process.

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