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Staff safety and well-being is transformed at French refrigerated transport specialists

Staff safety and well-being is transformed at French refrigerated transport specialists

Moving heavy roll cages laden with frozen food, delivering goods on time to waiting customers and negotiating congested pedestrianised areas can put staff under pressure and at risk of injury.

NJS Faramia, one of France’s largest refrigerated transport specialists, wanted to improve safety for employees involved in the moving of frozen goods. The company, which is based in Vitrolles in the south of the country, works with a number of high-profile clients including Carsat Sud-Est, a Government contractor which handles social security benefits.

Previously, roll cages had been pushed, pulled and steered by hand – often over tricky and uneven surfaces.

Faramia, in conjunction with Carsat Sud-Est, decided it was time to address staff safety and wellbeing.

Now four SmartMovers are making all the difference to delivery drivers, with a reduction in tiredness, musculoskeletal disorders and strains.

Victor Faramia, CEO of the company, said: “We decided to test the SmartMover with the truck drivers and the effectiveness of the solution was exactly what we needed.”

Our SM100+ is capable of moving 1,200 kg and includes a hydraulic coupling point for an unbreakable and secure connection even on less-than-perfect terrain and in busy environments.

Health and safety manager Michel Pagot continued: “With the SmartMover, no physical effort is needed to push and pull. All the handling is done thanks to the machine, so there are less back problems and other pain. There are some places where we deliver our products which require a lot of effort and now, at the end of the day, we can really see the difference. We are less tired and more relaxed. We feel better when we know that we aren’t going to struggle at work the day after.”

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