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Korean Aerospace Manufacturer Saves Time And Manpower

Korean Aerospace Manufacturer Saves Time And Manpower

Aerospace manufacturers using industrial autoclaves, pressure vessels used to process parts and materials that require a high temperature, need material handling solutions that are reliable, safe and efficient.

Korean composite manufacturers, KCI Composites Inc. (KCI) had previously used an alternative method to move composite aircraft parts in and out of an autoclave – but the results were far from satisfactory.

KCI, which supplies parts for some of the biggest names in the aircraft industry, used a trolley to push a 6,000 kg load into the autoclave – but when operators came to pull the materials out again, there were serious problems.

Engineers were having to use sheer physical force to stop the load from swaying from side to side and out of control.

Not only was this dangerous, it was not an efficient use of time; operators were taking three times as long to unload the autoclave than they were to load it.

MasterMover’s sales partner Sung Won Co. completed a site evaluation at KCI’s plant in Sacheon, and recommended a MT600+ as the ideal solution. Part of our extensive MasterTug range, the MT600+ allows a single pedestrian operator to easily push, pull and steer wheeled loads up to 6,000 kg.

Now, operators can load and unload the composite materials with ease.

Renee Ooi, Regional Sales Manager for Asia, said: “Saving time and minimising the risk of injury allows highly trained members of staff to concentrate on more productive tasks.

“As there is much more control over the movement, the potential for damage to high-value components has been reduced.

MasterMover has years of experience when it comes to working with aerospace manufacturers across the globe and has a wealth of industry-specific skills and knowledge.

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