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Perfect Balance Of Speed And Safety In Busy Factory

Perfect Balance Of Speed And Safety In Busy Factory

In a busy manufacturing environment, it can often be difficult to balance the competing demands of increased productivity and reduced risk to employees.

For Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle in South Korea, the need to streamline processes alongside ensuring staff safety at all times, meant that the forklift truck manufacturer was looking for an alternative load handling solution when moving heavy parts trolleys and sub-assemblies.

Previously, the parts trolleys weighing up to 600 kg were pushed, pulled and steered by hand – resulting in fatigue and risk of injury. Meanwhile, the company also wanted to reduce the reliance on forklift trucks when transporting sub-assemblies of up to 3,000 kg through a congested production area.

A bustling hub of activity, with many people moving goods around, programming machines and carrying out checks, tight movements with a forklift truck were difficult and potentially dangerous.

After contacting MasterMover’s regional sales partner and representative, Sung Won Co. Ltd, an SM100+ was recommended for the movement of the parts trolley, while an MT400+ was suggested for the handling of the sub-assemblies.

Featuring a hydraulic coupling point, the SM100+ connects at the touch of a button to create an unbreakable connection to the load and allows a single operator to control the trolley with complete confidence.

Staff at the factory are now able to transfer parts to the line in a matter of seconds, reducing downtime and boosting productivity. With the introduction of the MT400+, rather than waiting for a trained forklift truck driver to become available, anyone in the facility can move sub-assemblies safely and easily.

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