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No More Overhead Cranes At German Car Factory

No More Overhead Cranes At German Car Factory

Avoiding the use of overhead cranes in a busy automotive plant was why factory bosses turned to MasterMover for an innovative and reliable materials handling solution.

The German automotive supplier, which manufactures pressed vehicle body parts and welded assemblies, needed a safer way to transport press tools weighing up to 30,000 kg. Moving such a huge weight over the factory floor above the heads of employees was not an option.

Instead, a heavy-duty PS3000+ along with trolley is now moving the tools from a stock room to the pressing machine.

The power-steered PS3000+ allows a single pedestrian operator to safely control a load using a wireless transmitter. It can be used on its own to move weights of up to 30 tonnes or in MultiLink mode to allow remote-controlled movement of loads up to 360,000 kg.

Markus Schubert, of MasterMover GmbH, said: “As well as the obvious safety benefits of removing the need for an overhead crane, there are efficiency benefits too. Rather than waiting for a crane and a trainer operator to become available, this is much faster and more flexible.”

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