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Master Movers Ashbourne Hand Staff Surprise £1500 Christmas Bonus

Master Movers Ashbourne Hand Staff Surprise £1500 Christmas Bonus

Andy Owen, managing director at MasterMover will be giving all staff a £1,500 bonus this Christmas.

Gareth Nash, team leader on the shop floor, said: “When they called us together I thought we were in trouble! So, when they announced the bonus, emotionally I went from one end of the scale to the other.”

Each of 40 staff at MasterMover will receive the bonus after another stellar year.

This year, MasterMover has seen turnover grow by 45% to £6 million – a performance which has been driven by strong sales overseas.

The company first started to focus on exports in 2007. Today, overseas markets account for 50% of sales, with Australia and South America seeing particularly strong growth.

For Gareth, the Christmas pay boost could not have come at a better time. He has just bought his first house with wife Meera, whom he married last year.

He said: “Our folks helped us out big-time with the deposit so I want to use the money to help pay them back.”

David Wood, senior applications designer, said he would be using his bonus to make his New Year celebrations on a New York break with his girlfriend extra special.

“I’m really grateful. We have all worked really hard this year but that doesn’t necessarily entitle you to a bonus because everyone works hard.

“It’s just a great morale booster and has inspired us to work even harder next year.”

For Alan Baverstock, a welder/fabricator, who has worked at MasterMover since the start, the Christmas bonus is a perfect retirement gift.

He said: “I think it’s a brilliant thing for the company to do. Today, the firm is doing better than it has ever done and it’s nice that they have decided to share that success with the workers.

Sales and export coordinator Laura Archer said: “The bonus has come as a nice surprise. A part of me thinks I should save it for a rainy day but I think my family can expect a slighter bigger Christmas present this year!”

MD Andy Owen said: “It is a great feeling to be able to reward our staff. They have worked incredibly hard, especially since we made a real push to boost exports.”

“It put the company and the team under a lot of pressure at the time but we are now reaping the dividends and it is only right that they have a share of that success because they have earned it.

“We wanted to make sure that every member of staff got the same bonus because every one of them is crucial to the successful operation of this business”.

Andy said the firm’s focus on exports had moved the business on to a different level. He said: “The key to our success has been not just providing the machines but to also explain how they can be implemented into the operations of a company and work with them to do that.”

“Today, we are living in a global market thanks to the internet. We worked hard to build up our exports, without taking our eye off the UK market. Having a solid, highly skilled team of workers is also crucial to our success. We have been able to attract some very talented people from the local area – and we are continuing to look for the right kind of people.”

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