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Electric Tug Allows Easy Moving Of Heavy Industrial Mixing Bowls

Electric Tug Allows Easy Moving Of Heavy Industrial Mixing Bowls

Pedestrian electric tugs from MasterMover are becoming an essential part of the mix at a variety of food manufacturers, thanks to their ability to move large mixing bowls quickly, safely and effectively.

The food processing industry uses industrial-scale mixing bowls (up to 500 litres in volume) to mix ingredients before heating, baking or processing. A wide variety of food products are prepared in this way, including dressings, sauces and confectionery.

Once mixed, each bowl must then be moved to the next stage of processing – a time-consuming and inefficient process given the combined weight of the steel bowl and its contents. Invariably, this becomes a two-person job in which the wheeled bowl is manoeuvred manually to its next destination.

This is where MasterMover comes in. Its MasterTug range of pedestrian-operated electric tugs are specifically developed to move heavy loads, thanks to a unique design that transfers the weight of the load into the wheels for optimum traction – a crucial consideration in food production environments that may be wet or slippery.

The technology can easily be adapted for use in food processing environments by use of a bespoke attachment that connects to the mixing bowl. It can be specified in food grade stainless steel and IP rated up to IP66 to suit requirements.

A single operator can now tow the load in a safe and controlled manner without risk of strain or injury. This creates numerous efficiencies in the factory, as it frees up fellow employees for other duties and ensures a quicker journey thanks to the MasterMover’s greater manoeuvrability.

The compact size, electrical power and pedestrian operation also mean that the MasterMover meets all hygiene controls and health & safety standards applicable in the food processing industry.

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Published on : 11-06-2013