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Electric Tugs Perfect For Companies Working To TAKT

Working to TAKT times is increasingly common in modern manufacturing. Borrowed from the German word taktzeit, meaning ‘cycle time’, the idea is that the assembly or fabrication of a product is broken up into stages with an allotted amount of time given to each stage. By manufacturing in this way, bottlenecks and problems are clearly highlighted and removed. Staff productivity should lift too as it allows them to focus on specific tasks rather than forcing them to continually adapt to new processes.

One of the UK's biggest steel fabricators was keen to realise these benefits in their operation but were unsure how work in progress weighing up to 10 tons could be moved on TAKT without relying on cranes or forklifts. A simple rail and bogie system driven by MasterMover’s extremely powerful MasterPusher was all that was required. The bogies on the production line were linked together and the whole production line, weighing some 90 tons, was pushed simultaneously once the allotted TAKT time had been reached.

This simple system enabled the business to capture all the benefits of flow line manufacturing at a fraction of the usual cost.

Electric Tugs - MasterMover
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