Hospital Waste Management Now 3 Times More Efficient

One of the most important aspects of any hospital’s operations is maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

All hospitals generate considerable amounts of waste – some of which needs to be disposed of promptly – so any efficiencies that can be gained, without sacrificing cleanliness, are going to generate immediate cost savings.

A typical hospital disposal room will need to cater for three types of waste: clinical, general and recyclable. Normally, with bins being up to 1,100 litres in capacity, the unwritten rule is one bin to be moved per person. If you consider that a hospital might typically have more than 100 disposal rooms, some with more than three bins, then the scale of the issue becomes obvious.

Since the introduction of an MT3 240 from MasterMover, a large hospital in Manchester is now able to move three bins at a time per operator – a 300% efficiency gain. Not only is this quicker and more efficient, but also both health and safety come into play due to less manhandling and fewer refuse journeys.

Another aspect of hospital refuse finances is that the vast majority of hospital bins are hired – providing the justification for another revenue-saving opportunity from MasterMover, thanks to the introduction of ‘Tidy Bags’ for recycling waste. These bags, often seen attached to the side of metal stillages in supermarkets, can be emptied en masse by a single operator while another deals with clinical and general waste. Already adopted by one hospital in Staffordshire, a 33% reduction in bin count not only frees up significant space, but also saves a lot of money normally spent on hire charges.

Hospital Waste Management - MasterMover
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