Dumpster Mover

Up to 6,600 lbs.

Easily move heavy dumpsters with the Dumpster Mover range. Discover safer trash handling, eliminate manual handling and boost productivity with electric dumpster towing solutions. 

The Dumpster Mover range of powerful, easy-to-use electric tuggers, is ideally suited to towing heavy dumpsters weighing up to 6,600 lbs. Delivering the controlled movement of dumpsters inside, outside and on slopes, apartment blocks and colleges alike trust MasterMover’s dumpster towing solutions to improve safety.  

With safety built-in as standard, the range provides operators with complete control when moving heavy dumpsters. Features including an emergency stop system, anti-crush button, warning horn and intuitive speed controls ensure safe operation, every time. Whether you need to move a single dumpster or multiple dumpsters linked together, simple and effective coupling systems provide total load security.   

Dumpster Mover Key Features   

Reliable, durable dumpster towing solutions you can count on. The DumpsterMover range is packed full of features that maximize operator safety and performance.  

Employee Safety


  • Warning horn, anti-crush button and emergency stop     
  • Multiple speed settings for complete control    
  • Machine crawl coupling switch enables you to inch the machine forward for easy connection  


  • Powerful performance inside and outside 
  • Start, move and stop dumpsters on slopes    
  • Intuitive steering control allows precise handling in tight spaces 
Scalable pulling power


  • Interchangeable, maintenance-free batteries for 24/7 operation    
  • Power display for real-time battery data    
  • Smart charging system for maximum battery longevity 
Secure coupling


  • Easy and universal coupling options    
  • Maximum load security  
  • Variety of coupling options available including bolt-on tow bar 

Explore the Dumpster Mover Range  

Discover a safer way to move heavy dumpsters with our Dumpster Mover range. Designed to improve trash room safety and boost productivity, our Dumpster Mover range enables the safe movement of dumpsters weighing up 6,600 lbs.  

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    • Load capacity 2200 lbs
    • Maximum slope 30 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 5.8 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) 4.5h


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    • Load capacity 6600 lbs
    • Maximum slope 10 degrees
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 6.5 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) 5h

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    Safety as Standard  

    For safer dumpster movements, trust the Dumpster Mover range. Compact, easy-to-use solutions to move heavy dumpsters. 

    SmartMover two speed selector switch

    Two speed selector switch

    Adjustable speed settings at your fingertips.

    SmartMover safety light and bleeper

    Safety light beeper

    Maximize safety when moving loads through congested areas.

    SmartMover emergency stop button

    Emergency stop

    Allows you to immediately stop the machine.

    SmartMover anti-crush button

    Anti-crush button

    Protect operators and maximize operator safety when moving loads.

    SmartMover warning horn

    Warning horn

    Perfect for congested areas, alert pedestrians when moving loads.

    MasterTow automatic tiller cut off

    Automatic cut-off

    Preventing accidental operation of the machine.

    Machine crawl assist

    Coupling crawl switch

    Inch the machine forward to the connection point.

    Benefits of the Dumpster Mover Range

    Looking for a reliable solution to move heavy dumpsters? The Dumpster Mover range delivers every time… 

    Weight capacity

    Safe movement of dumpsters weighing up to 6,600 lbs. 

    Reduce labor costs

    Reduce labor costs

    Increase trash room efficiency  - icon

    Increase trash room efficiency

    Eliminate manual handling

    Eliminate manual handling

    Reduce compensation claims

    Reduce compensation claims

    All terrain

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 

    Moving on slopes - icon

    Maximum control, even on slopes

    Secure coupling

    Easy and secure couplings

    Your Questions, Answered – FAQs

    Can you use Dumpster Mover tuggers outside? 

    Yes, our Dumpster Mover range is built to perform in even the most challenging conditions. Ideally suited to working outside and on slopes, the Dumpster Mover range ensures consistent traction on rough floors.  

    How do the Dumpster Mover electric tuggers connect?  

    A range of coupling options is available across the range that maximizes performance, security and safety. The Dumpster Mover 100 features a secure clamp, allowing a secure connection to our female adaptor. The Dumpster Mover 300 offers a plug-and-play pin coupling to connect to drawbars. A bolt-on tow bar is also available, which bolts to the bottom of your dumpster and connects to our tugger using the pin coupling. 

    Can the Dumpster Mover range work on slopes? 

    Yes, the Dumpster Mover range can work safely on slopes. The range features an automatic parking brake which stops loads, even on slopes. 

    What size dumpsters can they move?

    Our Dumpster Mover tuggers are used to move a wide range of different-sized dumpsters, from 110 lbs. up to 6,600 lbs. or 1-8 cubic yards. If you’d like to discuss your application please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best solution.  

    Ready to Unlock Safer Operations?

    Are you looking to improve safety and efficiency in your operations? Contact us to discover how you could transform your processes to enhance efficiency and maximize workplace safety with an electric tugger or electric tow tug.