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Facilities Management Company Boosts Safety With Dumpster Mover

electric bin tug

A versatile electric tugger solution that can move different sizes of dumpsters safely is making all the difference at a Bristol apartment block.

The 85-apartment building is managed by Alexander Faulkner Partnership, a company with a focus on providing an outstanding culture of health and safety for both customers and staff.

People living at the block leave their trash bins located down a slope, which are then moved up to street level on waste collection day ready to be picked up.

Our staff have given us some great feedback and love the MasterMover’s simplicity of use and safety features. Now, one person can easily move the dumpsters without strain or effort. 


Before using the electric tugger, staff were asked to bring the bins up the slope to the curbside so that the waste management company could collect it.

As an alternative, we trialed a private waste company to come and take the trash away but we were paying hundreds of dollars a month and without access to the full recycling services, which is really important to our customers and to us as a company.” Kate continued. 

MasterMover recommended a Dumpster Mover 300 that could simply attach to the full dumpsters and allow one person to easily move the waste up and down the slope when needed. Rather than a member of staff risking injury, the Dumpster Mover TOW300 takes the strain while still allowing the user to have complete control over the movement – but with none of the effort.

The Dumpster Mover 300 can be used alongside a bin towing frame for larger dumpsters, or with a towbar that easily attaches to the dumpster.

In apartment blocks, hospitals, and hotels, there is a real need to manage the movement of heavy, wheeled bins safely. MasterMover’s electric tugs can be easily adapted to move the full range of dumpsters on the market – from individual dumpsters with a towing frame to a whole chain of dumpsters weighing up to over 3 tons on slopes and over tricky surfaces. Kate and her team opted for the Dumpster Mover which represented a real cost saving for their client as they were previously paying hundreds a month for something that didn’t even fulfill their requirements.

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