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Dumpster Caddy: Denton Floyd's Garbage Day Savior from Manual Handling

dumpster caddy in residential building

In this case study, we explore how Denton Floyd, a leading full-service real estate development company, implemented MasterMover’s dumpster caddy solutions to improve safety for their maintenance team.  

At Denton Floyd, safety is paramount. That's why when faced with the challenge of manually handling waste dumpsters at their Current812 apartment community in Clarksville, Indiana, they turned to MasterMover's innovative waste caddy solution: the DumpsterMover300. MasterMover’s dumpster towing solution didn't just promise productivity; it pledged a major boost in safety for Denton Floyd’s dedicated maintenance team, ensuring peace of mind and protection on the job. 

Challenges of Moving Heavy Dumpsters by Hand 

As a 5-story mid-rise apartment community, the Current812 community needs regular trash collection services. To facilitate trash collection, the maintenance team would manually haul dumpsters from the underground parking garage to the street for collection. Weighing between 750 lbs. and 1,000 lbs., the dumpsters were heavy and difficult to maneuverer – presenting the risk of injury and fatigue for maintenance staff.  

Often, the tireless efforts of maintenance teams, especially in tasks like waste management and dumpster moving, go unnoticed in residential complexes. At the Clarksville community, Property Manager Tim Steele recognized that his maintenance team needed a robust solution to help them safely tow dumpsters out for garbage collection. 

We wanted to make moving our heavy dumpsters easier on our maintenance team, so we researched potential dumpster moving solutions. We needed a piece of equipment that would make the operation safer and more productive for our team members.


MasterMover Dumpster Caddy Solution 

Recognizing the need for a safer solution, Denton Floyd reached out to MasterMover to investigate their range of dumpster movers.

Waste caddy moving heavy dumpster

A game-changer in waste management, MasterMover’s DumpsterMover300 waste caddy was identified as the ideal handling solution. With a durable design and competitive price point, Denton Floyd wasted no time in introducing the robust DumpsterMover300 into their trash handling processes. Seamlessly integrated into their waste management process, the DumpsterMover300 quickly became an indispensable tool. 

My maintenance team loves it, and it saves them time and is a lot less work for them with the DumpsterMover. We would highly recommend it. The machine is worth the money!

Benefits of Using the DumpsterMover300 Caddy

Our compact, easy-to-use electric waste caddy tuggers enable a single operator to safely move heavy dumpsters, ideal for use in commercial and residential waste management.

Dumpster caddy moving heavy trash container

Businesses like Denton Floyd trust our waste caddy solution to deliver: 

  • Eliminate manual handling: Make the movement of heavy dumpsters safer – our DumpsterMover range reduces the risk of injuries and boosts productivity. 
  • Improve productivity: Equipping maintenance teams with a DumpsterMover solution improves productivity and morale. 
  • Total control of dumpsters: Benefit from maximum control and reduce the risk of injury with secure waste handling solutions, perfect for working on slopes. 
  • Reduce staff absence: Protecting against the risk of injury, electric tuggers help waste management companies reduce staff absences from aches, strains, and injury. 

We are so glad we ordered the DumpsterMover300. It saves our maintenance team so much time and energy. We love it!

MasterMover's DumpsterMover300 has allowed Denton Floyd to create safer, more productive waste management operations for their maintenance team. For property management businesses like Denton Floyd, the dumpster waste caddy solutions are ideal for reducing the risk of injury, eliminating manual handling, and improving productivity.  

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