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Waste Caddy Takes out the Trash for Breakers East Condos

electric waste caddy moving heavy dumpster

Located in the Panhandle of northwest Florida, Breakers East Condominiums joins an extensive list of property management companies who trust MasterMover’s dumpster moving solutions to drive safer and more productive trash handling.

In this case study, we explore how our DumpsterMover300 helped Breakers East Condominiums make dumpster movements simple and safe for maintenance staff.

Our maintenance team were greatly appreciative of this equipment and it has performed as promised. I highly recommend MasterMover.

The Risks of Hauling Dumpsters Across Distance

Nestled in the coastal paradise of Destin, Florida, Breakers East Condominiums were facing challenges moving dumpsters weighing between 400 lbs. and 700 lbs. Like properties across the country, employees at Breakers East Destin had to haul full residential dumpsters from the complex across the parking lot for pickup.

Hauling the dumpsters across the parking lot took the combined effort of multiple employees, taking staff away from more valuable activities and presenting the risk of injury. As part of the movement, staff were tasked with maneuvering the large dumpsters through the parking lot, risking damage to parked vehicles.

Controlling a large, 700 lbs. wheeled load on rough surfaces is difficult, even with the help of multiple members of staff. As well as the risk of damage to parked vehicles, moving the dumpsters by hand puts staff at risk of injuries and fatigue. The manual movement of heavy wheeled loads can lead to injuries such as strains, sprains and back injuries.

Safer Waste Caddy Solutions from MasterMover

Looking to make the movement of dumpsters safer and more efficient, Board Member of the Condominium HOA, Bob Trusty reached out to MasterMover to explore safer waste caddy towing solutions. Discussing their application with the team in Charlotte, MasterMover’s DumpsterMover300 was recommended to make the movement of dumpsters safer, quicker and easier on maintenance staff.

Electric dumpster mover

Our condominium association in Destin, Florida purchased a MasterMover to assist with moving full trash bins from the building collection point to the end of our parking lot for pickup.

The DumpsterMover300 was chosen by Breakers East Condominiums due to its size, ease of use and reasonable cost – making it the perfect tool for busy residential communities and trash rooms. Packed full of power and featuring intuitive controls and safety features built-in as standard, the DumpsterMover300 ensures a safe operation and eliminates the need for manual effort when moving heavy dumpsters. Proportional speed controls allow operators to reduce speed when navigating tight spaces and across the parking lot, avoiding damage to parked vehicles and infrastructure.

Waste Caddy Benefits for Residential and Luxury Property Management

Now, with the DumpsterMover300, staff are happy and safe. Moving dumpsters is no longer a dreaded task for staff.

  • Eliminate manual handling: Make the movement of heavy dumpsters safer – our DumpsterMover range reduces the risk of injuries and boosts productivity.
  • Avoid damage to parked vehicles: Providing maximum control, the DumpsterMover range of waste caddy solutions allow operators to safely navigate through parking lots, reducing the risk of damage to parked vehicles.
  • Improve productivity: A single member of staff can now safely move heavy dumpsters, boosting productivity – freeing up staff to work on more productive tasks.
  • Reduce staff absence: Protecting against the risk of injury, waste caddy solutions help reduce staff absences from aches, strains, and injuries.
  • Quicker dumpster moving: The movement of dumpsters is now simpler and quicker for maintenance teams.

Waste caddy mover dumpster

If you’re looking to explore safe, simple and reliable solutions to make lightwork of moving dumpsters, our DumpsterMover range is trusted by property management companies across the United States.

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