Why do businesses use electric tuggers?

Material handling electric tuggerrs

As more companies look to make improvements in safety and efficiency, businesses across many different sectors are turning to MasterMover.
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Why businesses use electric tugs
AllTerrain ATP400+ moving a train bogey on rails

No license needed

Operators do not need a special driving license or hours of training to learn how to use an electric tugger.

It’s simple to use, easy to handle and removes the effort out of moving heavy and awkward wheeled loads.

Instead, the electric walkie tugger does all the hard work so all a single pedestrian user needs to do is securely attach to the load and guide it where it needs to go.

Conveyor belt moving boxes

It’s the cost-effective alternative

Unlike fixed infrastructure such as overhead cranes or a system of pulleys and chains, a MasterMover machine is a cheaper alternative to more costly moving methods. It’s flexible too. If, for example, a production layout changes, then a MasterMover can be easily incorporated into the new workflow, without the need for expensive factory alterations.

Even more, because of the compact footprint of the machines, a cart tugger is ideal for navigating corners and narrow, congested spaces.

Plus, there are the time and cost savings relating to training. Whereas forklift truck operators need a special license, any employee can use an electric tugger with just a small amount of training.

That means if something needs to be moved, then there’s no wasted time or waiting around for a trained forklift truck operator to become available. Downtime becomes a thing of the past.

It’s a win-win: Electric tugger benefits for businesses and employees

Businesses that use electric tuggers can achieve huge gains in efficiency and productivity but that’s not the only benefit.

A MasterMover electric tugger also improves safety for employees. By reducing or eliminating manual handling completely, staff members no longer need to push and pull heavy loads as the machine takes the strain.

There is less risk of accidents and runaway loads and less potential for long-term health problems.

AGV300 TOW pulling cages through a warehouse

What types of businesses use electric tuggers?

MasterMover electric tuggers can be found in every sector and in businesses right across the globe.

There are chemical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers that require the safe and efficient movement of often sensitive but nevertheless awkward loads, while also protecting the wellbeing of highly-trained staff.

There are manufacturing environments that demand precision movement of valuable components in the most challenging of conditions. That’s why MasterMover also supplies stainless steel tuggers for use in the food industries and biopharmaceutical sectors.

It’s not just in manufacturing, either. Retail and logistics operations, healthcare and facilities management companies all depend on the smooth and seamless movement of loads. From the movement of roll cages to laundry cages and dumpsters, an electric tug unlocks the benefits of far greater productivity and safety.

Why choose an electric tugger?

Electric tuggers offer a wide range of benefits to businesses and operators, which include:

Improving operational efficiency

Improve efficiency and productivity

Eliminate manual handling

Reduces manual handling


No downtime waiting for other machinery


Provide control and maneuverability

No hidden costs

A cost-effective alternative to other solutions

Staff safety

Boost safety through busy and congested workplaces

What problems do electric tuggers solve for businesses?

Inefficient internal movement of goods, parts and equipment can be a real headache for businesses. But making sure loads arrive in the right place at the right time means it is possible to maximize productivity and reduce waste.

However, achieving an efficient flow of cargo is not always easy. Difficulty of movement can translate into delays and high operating costs. When dealing with large-size, heavy and awkward loads, the problems are often magnified.

Electric tuggers are used by companies who want to eliminate these issues by achieving smooth and seamless movement. Replacing the power of human hands, these compact machines offer excellent maneuverability and versatility.

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