Up to 8,800 lbs.

Maximum control and maneuverability of all-swiveling loads

MasterHandler MH400+ electric tug

The MasterHandler range is specifically designed to deliver the controlled movement of loads weighing up to 8,800 lbs. that are fitted with all-swiveling castors. 

Featuring a unique design centered around delivering maximum control, the MasterHandler enables operators to easily steer and position heavy loads that ordinarily would be difficult to move in a controlled way. With adjustable support legs available to deliver a controlled fixed point, the MasterHandler can provide a turnkey solution to the movement of loads with all swiveling castors. 

The MasterHandler has a compact machine footprint and is ideal for use in confined areas, facilitating safe and precise movements where space is at a premium. The range uses an array of hydraulic coupling options to deliver consistent performance and guarantee load security.  

MasterHandler Key Features 

With a design that maximizes control, the MasterHandler range of electric tuggers delivers maximum maneuverability and safety when moving loads with all-swiveling castors. 

Staff safety


  • Flashing safety light, warning horn, emergency stop and anti-crush button 
  • Speed control with optional two-speed selector switch 
  • Secure coupling for attachment to loads  


  • Designed to deliver complete control when moving loads with all-swivel castors 
  • A compact machine footprint provides a tight turning circle for space-restricted areas
  • Powerful and optimized hydraulics ensure a smooth and secure connection 
Scalable pulling power


  • Powerful AC motor optimizes both speed and power, enabling powerful movement of loads up to 8,800 lbs. 
  • Adaptable motor able to operate at slow and fast speeds and different acceleration rates 
  • High-performance AGM maintenance-free battery  
Secure coupling


  • Secure coupling options to suit various cart designs 
  • Optimized couplings to deliver maximum performance through weight transfer 
  • Adjustable support legs deliver maximum steering control designed around your load 
  • Custom coupling designs   

Explore the MasterHandler Range

With no operator license required, the MasterHandler range maximizes operational efficiency and reduces manual handling to remove the risk of injuries. With a compact design, the MasterHandler range guarantees the safe and controlled movement of large, heavy-wheeled loads in tight spaces.  

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    • Load capacity 8800 lbs
    • Maximum slope 7 °
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 5.7 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) 5.5h

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    Safety & Machine Options

    The MasterHandler range comes with a wide variety of standard safety features. Additional options are available depending on your application requirements.

    MasterHandler two speed selector switch

    Two speed selector switch

    Adjustable speed settings at your fingertips.

    MasterHandler flashing light and bleeper

    Safety light beacon

    Maximize safety when moving loads through congested areas.

    MasterHandler emergency stop button

    Emergency stop

    Allows you to immediately stop the machine.

    MasterHandler anti-crush button

    Anti-crush button

    Protect operators and maximize operator safety when moving loads.

    MasterHandler warning horn

    Warning horn

    Perfect for congested areas, alert pedestrians when moving loads.

    MasterHandler automatic tiller cut off

    Automatic cut-off

    Preventing accidental operation of the machine.

    MasterHandler CombiCoupling

    Combi coupling

    Creates a secure connection optimizing performance and maneuverability.

    MasterHandler channel coupling

    Channel coupling

    Connect directly to your load to maximize flexibility.

    Custom coupling

    Custom couplings

    Need something different? We can design custom couplings to suit your application.

    Since we introduced MasterMover’s electric tuggers, we have never looked back! Their equipment revolutionized the way we handle heavy goods.

    Benefits of the MasterHandler Range

    Gain control of your loads on all-swivelling casters, and enjoy safe, controlled movement

    Weight capacity

    Loads weighing up to 8,800 lbs.

    No certification required

    No certification required

    Zero emissions

    Zero emissions


    Compact machines for tight spaces

    Secure load movement

    Secure movement of loads

    Controlled movement

    Controlled movement of loads on all-swiveling castors

    All terrain

    Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

    Maneuverability - icon

    Unrivaled maneuverability

    Your Questions, Answered – FAQs

    Can the MasterHandler work in tight spaces?

    The compact design of the MasterHandler provides a tight turning circle, making it perfectly suited to working within tight spaces and delivering the precise movement of wheeled loads. 

    Can the MasterHandler range push and pull?

    Yes, the MasterHandler range can push, pull and steer heavy loads weighing up to 8,800 lbs.

    What is the maximum speed?

    With the Two Speed Selector switch, the ‘Tortoise’ mode enables you to maximize control and operate the machine at a slower speed setting of .75mph. In the faster ‘Hare’ setting, the machine’s speed is 1.86mph.

    Machines can be set with custom speed settings where required, with a maximum programmable speed of 3.73mph. 

    How does the MasterHandler control loads with all-swiveling castors?

    With adjustable support legs available to deliver a controlled fixed point, the MasterHandler can safely control swiveling castors. The design of the MasterHandler stops uncontrolled sideways movement and the hydraulic coupling creates an unbreakable connection between the electric tugger and the attached load.

    How far can the MasterHandler range travel on one charge?

    Battery performance varies from model to model and is influenced by load weight, battery capacity, environmental conditions and usage.

    Individual battery performance data can be found on the Technical Specification Sheets for each model.

    How do they connect?

    A range of coupling options are available across the range that maximize performance, security and safety. Custom coupling solutions can also be designed for unique applications. 

    Can they work on slopes?

    Yes, the MasterHandler range can work safely on slopes.

    When it comes to electric tugs, it’s important to understand that for every degree of slope involved, the maximum load capacity of the machine is reduced, just as pushing a car on the level requires less force than on a slope. Therefore, if the weight of the load is already close to the maximum capacity of the machine, a more powerful machine may be needed to move the load on a slope.

    We carry out a full evaluation of your application to ensure any machine is suited to your needs. 

    Sectors We Work In



    Unlock safer material handling processes in the aerospace industry with electric tuggers.

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    Energy & Petrochemical

    Energy & Petrochemical overview

    Maximum performance and maneuverability of heavy loads in the energy industry.

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    Automotive & Heavy Plant

    Automotive, Heavy Plant & Rail

    Choose electric tuggers to enhance lean processes and increase shop floor flexibility.

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    Food & Beverage

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    Eliminate manual handling with electric tuggers for safer food material handling – maximizing efficiency and reducing the risk of injuries.

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    Retail, Logistics & Warehousing

    Retail, Logistics & Warehousing overview

    The ideal manual handling solution to maximize efficiency and safety within retail and logistics.

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    Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

    Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

    Safely maneuver heavy, high-value equipment, eliminating manual handling and maximizing production efficiency.

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    Facilities & Waste


    Eliminate manual handling and maximize safety in facilities and waste management.

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    Manufacturing & Assembly

    Manufacturing & Assembly overview

    Industrial manufacturers trust electric tuggers to improve workplace safety and supercharge operational efficiency.

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    Ready to Unlock Safer Operations?

    Are you looking to improve safety and efficiency in your operations? Contact us to discover how you could transform your processes to enhance efficiency and maximize workplace safety with an electric tugger or electric tow tug. 

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