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Reduce downtime to maximize production flow and efficiency

Electric tuggers enable steel manufacturers and fabricators to streamline processes, boost safety and maximize efficiency.  

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MasterTug moving steel girders on rails

Material handling in steel manufacturing, it’s more than forklifts  

For steel manufacturers and fabricators alike, maximizing operational efficiency is crucial.

Heavy, large steelwork can make material handling a challenge, with many manufacturers relying solely on lifting equipment such as overhead cranes and forklift trucks.

While perfectly suited to lifting components in the fabrication process, relying on lifting equipment to move loads through sites results in production bottlenecks and delays.  

Maximize production flow and drive operational efficiency 

Enabling a single operator to safely move loads of 154,000 lbs. and beyond, electric tuggers complement lifting equipment to deliver the flexible movement of wheeled loads, driving operational efficiency.

With no operator license required, loads can easily be moved as and when required, optimizing production flow.

Robust designs guarantee the powerful, controlled movement of loads, delivering unrivaled visibility – perfect for indoor use and building-to-building movements.    

The benefits of electric tuggers in steel and fabrication 

Compact but powerful electric tuggers enable steel manufacturers to safely move loads such as heavy steelwork, rebar, plating, sheet metal and castings with complete confidence.

Working alongside lifting equipment, electric tuggers help manufacturers create flexible production processes and maximize efficiency.    

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  • Improving operational efficiency

    Improve operational efficiency

    Enabling steel manufacturers to improve operational efficiency, throughput and production flow. 

  • Improve flexibility

    Create flexible production processes

    Whether it’s moving loads off the production line or in building-to-building movements, electric tuggers give manufacturers the flexibility needed.   

  • Reduce downtime

    Reduce downtime 

    With no operator license required, a single operator can easily move loads as and when required – reducing downtime and production bottlenecks.  

Our range of steel & fabrication electric tuggers

Trusted by the global steel and fabrication industry   

Leading steel and fabrication companies trust MasterMover’s compact electric tuggers to move heavy loads, maximizing production efficiency and workplace safety.  

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MasterMover is easy to work with and all products performed as advertised. Moved our heavy products with ease!

Your Questions, Answered - FAQs

What do electric tuggers move in the steel and fabrication industry?

Used to move a wide variety of loads across the steel and fabrication industry, electric tuggers improve efficiency and safety in the movement of loads such as:

  • Structural steelwork
  • Rebar
  • Pipework
  • Castings
  • Steel plating
  • Sheet metal
  • Machined sub-assemblies
  • Coils
Is an operator license or training required?   

No, unlike lifting equipment such as forklift trucks and cranes, an electric tugger does not require a license to operate. A license-free operation reduces downtime and maximizes operational efficiency, reducing wasted time waiting for a licensed driver.    

Minimal training is required to safely operate an electric tug and we offer training packages to suit every requirement.   

How are electric tuggers powered?   

Electric tuggers are battery-powered, with interchangeable batteries or lithium options available, electric tuggers can deliver 24/7 operation to keep your processes moving.

Offering zero emissions from the point of use, electric tuggers are ideally suited for indoor use, replacing internal combustion engine powered equipment such as forklifts or tow tractors.   

How do electric tuggers connect?     

A range of coupling options is available across the range that maximizes performance, security and safety.

Custom coupling solutions can also be designed for unique applications.     

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If you’re looking to improve safety, remove the risk of injury and unlock greater operational efficiency, we’re here to help. Speak to our team to discuss your application.