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Safe store deliveries can be a one-person job

Create safer processes and eliminate manual handling with electric warehouse tuggers, enabling a single operator to move heavy-wheeled loads with ease, in a safe and controlled way. 

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SmartMover SM100+ moving a roll cage on a shop floor

Manual handling in the retail and store delivery

Roll cages and carts are a core aspect of material handling in the retail industry, enabling goods to be transported to stores as required. The movement of loads throughout the retail supply chain is often carried out manually. Moving heavy loads by hand increases the risk of injury and lowers productivity.

Within retail delivery, manually moving cages in delivery trucks presents the risk of strains and hand trapping, while store deliveries often require multiple members of staff to handle heavy cages over long distances and slopes.   

Create safer working environments with manual handling solutions 

Eliminating manual handling, a warehouse tugger takes the strain off operators when moving heavy-wheeled carts, maximizing workplace safety.

With an easy-to-use design, a single operator can move heavy loads with complete confidence, even on slopes. Choose a warehouse tug to reduce the risk of injury and boost staff productivity in your retail operations... 

The benefits of warehouse tuggers in the retail and food delivery 

Empowering a single operator to move heavy loads, a warehouse tug eliminates manual handling and increase productivity.    

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  • Eliminate manual handling

    Eliminate manual handling

    Electric tuggers eliminate manual handling and reduce the risk of injury – maximizing workplace safety.  

  • Improve productivity

    Maximize productivity

    Electric tuggers make city and town canter retail deliveries a one-person job – without compromising on safety.  

  • Moving on slopes

    Total control, even on slopes 

    Enabling a single operator to safely push, pull and stop loads with complete confidence – even on slopes.

Our range of retail & delivery electric tuggers

SmartMover SM100+ moving a off a retail delivery lorry

SmartMover Range

The perfect manual handling solution for roll cage movement 

Looking to reduce the risk of injury in roll cage movement? Our SmartMover range enables the safe movement of roll cages, reducing the risk of aches and strains and roll cage tipping. Protect your people, boost productivity and maximize safety…

Trusted by leading retailers and 3PL logistics providers 

With an expansive customer base made up of the world’s leading retailers and logistics providers, you’re in safe hands.   

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Since using the tuggers, we’ve seen a significant reduction in the number of roll cage-related handling injuries to delivery drivers of 42%.

Your Questions, Answered - FAQs

Is an operator license or training required? 

No, electric tuggers do not require a license to operate. A license-free operation makes electric tuggers an attractive option for retailers and logistics providers looking to streamline the movement of loads and improve safety.    

Minimal training is required to safely operate an electric tugger and we offer training packages to suit every requirement.      

How are electric tuggers powered?

Electric tuggers are battery-powered, with interchangeable batteries or lithium options available, electric tugs can deliver 24/7 operation to keep your processes moving.

Offering zero emissions from the point of use, electric tuggers are ideally suited for indoor use. 

Can I use an electric tugger to move more than one roll cage at a time? 

Yes. If you’re looking to move multiple laden roll cages at the same time, we offer a unique system that enables you to link multiple cages together and move them using an electric tugger.

You can also move trains of nested, empty roll cages using electric tuggers.  

Can electric tuggers work with all types of roll cages? 

With a customizable clamp, our SmartMover range can connect to most cage designs. We also provide an array of adaptors to allow you to connect to your cages. 

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