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Safer Waste Handling Solutions For City Apartments

A facilities company has recently sought the expertise of MasterMover to improve its waste management system. As the company takes charge of the maintenance and services for blocks of apartments, they recognized the need for a more efficient way to move heavy dumpsters. Their primary goals were to improve safety, reducing the time and effort required of staff to move heavy dumpsters.

The Application

Each dumpster, which can weigh up to 1,200 lbs., was being moved individually from the underground car park every week for trash collection taking up the valuable time of staff members.


Understanding the urgency and importance of the task at hand, the company turned to MasterMover for a reliable solution. With their extensive experience in providing innovative material handling solutions, MasterMover recommended the DumpsterMover300 as the perfect tool for the job. This powerful machine is designed to effortlessly move multiple dumpsters at once, placing the operator in complete control regardless of the various surfaces and gradients encountered.


The Solution

By utilizing the DumpsterMover300, a single operator is now able to move multiple dumpsters at once, all without any physical effort - eliminating manual handling. Built to perform, the DumpsterMover300 enables a single operator to effortlessly move loaded dumpsters up a steep incline, boosting safety and improving efficiency.

The DumpsterMover300 boasts a robust steel chassis, ensuring exceptional durability and puncture-proof wheels guarantee smooth and hassle-free maneuverability. This combination of strength and reliability makes the DumpsterMover300 the ideal partner for effortlessly transporting heavy dumpsters, particularly up slopes and in busy locations. 

MM-TOW200-three quarter

The Results

Thanks to the implementation of the DumpsterMover300, the facilities company can now streamline their waste collection process, significantly reducing the time and effort spent moving each individual from the underground car park. Not only does this save time, but it also enhances the overall safety of the staff members involved in waste management operations.

By investing in the expertise of MasterMover, this facilities company has successfully optimized its waste management processes. With the DumpsterMover300 leading the way, they can now efficiently move heavy dumpsters, saving time, improving safety, and ultimately elevating their overall operational efficiency.

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