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Why do businesses use electric tugs?

Why do businesses use electric tugs?

As more companies look to make improvements in safety and efficiency, businesses across many different sectors are turning to MasterMover.

Operators do not need a special driving licence or hours of training to learn how to use an electric tug. It’s simple to use, easy to handle and removes the effort out of moving heavy and awkward wheeled loads.

Instead, the electric tug does all the hard work so all a single pedestrian user needs to do is securely attach to the load and guide it where it needs to go.

MasterMover Master Pusher (MP400) moving injection mould

It’s the cost-effective alternative

Unlike fixed infrastructure such as overhead cranes or a system of pulleys and chains, a MasterMover machine is a cheaper alternative to more costly moving methods. It’s flexible too. If, for example, a production layout changes, then a MasterMover can be easily incorporated into the new workflow, without the need for expensive factory alterations.

What’s more, because of the compact footprint of the machines, an electric tug is ideal for navigating corners and narrow, congested spaces.

Plus, there’s the time and cost savings relating to training. Whereas forklift truck operators need a special license to work in the UK, any member of staff can use an electric tug with just a small amount of training.

That means if something needs to be moved, then there’s no wasted time or waiting around for a trained forklift truck operator to become available. Downtime becomes a thing of the past.

It’s a win-win: Electric tug benefits for businesses and employees

Businesses that use electric tugs can achieve huge gains in efficiency and productivity but that’s not the only benefit.

A MasterMover electric tug also improves safety for employees. By reducing or eliminating manual handling completely, staff members no longer need to push and pull heavy loads as the machine takes the strain.

There is less risk of accidents and runaway loads and less potential for long-term health problems such as musculoskeletal disorders.

What types of business use electric tugs?

MasterMover electric tugs can be found in every sector and in businesses right across the globe.

There are chemical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers that require the safe and efficient movement of often sensitive but nevertheless awkward loads, while also protecting the wellbeing of highly-trained staff.

MasterMover SmartMover Stainless Steel (SM100 plus + ss ) moving chromotography columns

There are the manufacturing environments that demand precision movement of valuable components in the most challenging of conditions. That’s why MasterMover also supplies ATEX compliant tugs for use in potentially explosive environments, as well as stainless steel tugs for use in the food industries and biopharmaceutical sectors.

It’s not just in manufacturing, either. Retail and logistics operations, healthcare and facilities management companies all depend on the smooth and seamless movement of loads. From the movement of roll cages to laundry cages and waste bins, an electric tug unlocks the benefits of far greater productivity and safety.

MasterMover electric tugs:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce manual handling
  • Boost safety when moving loads through busy and congested workplaces
  • Cut downtime – no more waiting for forklift or overhead crane availability
  • Offer a cost-effective alternative to other load moving solutions
  • Provide control and manoeuvrability

If you would like to see how an electric tug can benefit you, email .

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