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Transform your productivity by making it easy to move wheeled loads around your site. If you have processes that require the movement of anything up to 790,000lbs MasterMover® can revolutionise your business. They eliminate manual handling, improve Health and Safety and increase productivity.

Our SmartMover range is ideal for moving wheeled loads of up to 2,600lbs in confined or congested spaces where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. Offering complete control even on slopes, improved operator safety and ease of use, each compact pedestrian electric tug combines superior traction and power. As such, the SmartMover is a popular choice when it comes to finding the right material handling solution for the retail and logistics, facilities management and pharmaceutical sectors.

MasterMover’s MasterTug range is designed for moving heavy or large wheeled loads, with capacities ranging from 4,400lbs up to 44,000lbs. A single pedestrian operator can push, pull and steer with ease – making a MasterTug the ideal material handling solution for manufacturing, the aerospace manufacturing, aerospace MRO, oil and gas manufacturing and renewable energy industries.

Meanwhile, our most powerful material handling solution to date, the PS3000+, offers capabilities of moving up to 66,000lbs. When used in multi-link mode, a series of PS machines wirelessly synchronise together to move up loads of up to 790,000lbs. The PS3000+ multi-link mode has been used to improve safety and efficiency in industries including aerospace manufacturing, as well as steel and wind turbine manufacturing .

We offer full warranty, aftersales service and flexible contract hire options on all machines.

What can we move for you? Just browse MasterMover’s full range of electric tuggers, cart movers and material handling solutions, call us on 980-263-2210 or send us your inquire.

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