Electric Tugs For Efficiency And Safety, Welcome To MasterMover USA in Charlotte, North Carolina

Manufacturer of the world’s most effective electric tugs to move wheeled loads from 110 lb up to 790,000 lb. Our unrivalled range of compact, battery-powered electric tugs improve operational efficiency, reduce manual handling and promote lean manufacturing across many industries. We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina. To see how our global customers benefit in your sector click on the relevant link below or for a free evaluation contact us now.

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  • Small - up to 4,400 lb

  • Medium - up to 13,200 lb

  • Large - up to 33,000 lb

  • Heavy Duty - up to 66,000 lb

With our range of small tugger carts you can easily and safely move loads of up to 4,400 lb.

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  • MasterMover SM100+ Electric Tugger

    Electric Tugger solves medical assessment problem of moving heavy trolleys by hand

    PACE Paparazzi Catering & Event GmbH purchased 2, SM100+ MasterMover...
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