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Here’s Why Global Leaders in Aerospace Trust MasterMover

Here’s Why Global Leaders in Aerospace Trust MasterMover

From concept and production right through to repair, MasterMover’s electric tugs are being used by leading names across the global aerospace industry to improve efficiency and achieve precision movement of highly valuable components.

Throughout the whole supply chain, both manufacturers and MRO providers are using MasterMover to unlock greater productivity, leading to savings in time and money.

Adopt lean principles

Load moving tugs offer aerospace manufacturers a solution for achieving fluid assembly line processes even in high-value production environments. This supports the lean manufacturing targets of many businesses wishing to adopt best practice.

As well as creating smoother production flows, tugs are commonly used individually to move trolleys – and even several at once when linked together.

Meanwhile, for longer or very awkward loads which require greater control, MasterMover’s tugs offer flexibility and greater manoeuvrability. A tug at either end of a longer load makes it easy to be moved, not only in a straight line but sideways. It can be rotated on its axis to avoid obstacles including fixed machinery, tight corners and doorways.

It’s a solution that has been adopted by an aerospace manufacturing plant in the UK. After first using a MasterMover tug more than 15 years ago, the company has continued to invest in making its production line as efficient as possible. Today, over 70 machines are making all the difference at the factory in a variety of applications including moving wing components, finished wing sets and tooling.

The manufacturer has seen that the inclusion of electric tugs has contributed to a cost-effective and highly reliable flow line production method.

MasterMover is helping aerospace manufacturers to move:

• Aerostructures

• Kitting trolleys

• Tooling

Reduce turnaround times

For the MRO industry, there is pressure to limit wasted time on the ground. Again, the advantages of using electric tugs are clear to see.

GAMECO, which provides MRO services at one of China’s busiest airports, uses two MasterMover electric tugs to reduce engine turnaround times, offer all-round visibility and achieve precise control when moving valuable components. Follow the link here to read our full case study.

Improve safety

Safety is an additional advantage of using electric tugs. Without specialist handling equipment, highly-skilled workers are often forced to manually manoeuvre expensive parts.

This puts employees at risk and increases the likelihood of costly accidents.

Benefits of MasterMover’s load moving solutions for the aerospace industry

We’ve recently launched a range of self-weighted tows specifically designed for aerospace manufacturers and MRO providers.

These self-weighted tows offer the following benefits:

• Easy, universal connection

• No modification required

• Ease of steering

• Safety improvements

• All-terrain tyres for inside and outside use

• Load moving up to 15,000 kg (we also offer solutions to move weights of 30, 000 kg and beyond)

Want to discover more about our load moving solutions for the aerospace manufacturing and MRO industry? Take a look at our full product range for further information or complete our contact form by following the link below to request more details.

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Published on : 17-09-2021