Construction and Mining Equipment

Move heavy equipment with ease, reduce wasted time, create leaner and more efficient production lines.

Keeping production lines running as smoothly as possible can be tricky, especially when moving high-value and heavy components. That’s why manufacturers in the construction, agricultural and mining sectors choose MasterMover’s electric tugs and electric tow tugs to support cost-saving, efficient and just-in-time operations.

Single users can move heavy loads safely and easily, reducing or even eliminating the reliance on forklift trucks and the wasted time associated with waiting for a licensed operator to become available. Our machines offer improved visibility too, so there is less danger to valuable components and staff.

Whether it’s smaller loads of 110 lbs or weights of up to 790,000 lbs, our tugs are helping manufacturers across the globe to reduce TAKT time and create leaner, less wasteful processes.


Ask us how our machines can safely and efficiently move:

  • Diggers and tractors
  • Chassis
  • Booms
  • Cabs

If you would like to speak to one of our construction, agricultural or mining material handling specialists, call us on 980-263-2210 or submit your inquiry below.

How MasterMover machines benefit clients in the construction, agricultural and mining sectors:

  • Reduce TAKT time
  • Create cost-effective flow lines and lean manufacturing solutions
  • Enable delivery of components and materials ‘just in time’
  • Allow a single operator to move heavy loads safely and efficiently
  • UK based design and manufacturing team, with a sales and service network that extends throughout the world

Construction and Mining Equipment

We’re improving material handling for manufacturers in the construction, agricultural and mining sectors