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Custom Cable Mover Powers Efficiency

electric tug moves large cable drum

For cable and wire manufacturers, moving heavy cable drums and large cable reels in tight production environments can be challenging. Discover how a leading cable manufacturer streamlined the movement of large reels using a custom solution from MasterMover.

Large Loads Make Movement a Challenge

Moving heavy and awkward loads from an inside production area to outside containers ready for shipping was proving a challenge for a world-leading manufacturer of cables.

Reliance on forklift trucks meant that valuable loads were not secure when being lifted and transported – putting staff at risk through lack of visibility and the danger of overbalancing. Meanwhile, ensuring the necessary clearance when using overhead cranes was resulting in wasted time and expense.

A MasterMover PS3000+ and custom cart now allows for precision movement when transporting reels of cables from production to shipping containers, meaning that a single operator can push, pull and steer the load using a remote control for total, all-round visibility.


The PS3000+, part of the PowerSteered range, is able to move loads of up to 154,000 lbs. with total control. A remote control operation enables the operator to take up the ideal vantage point during movement, ensuring safe and controlled movement - particularly in tight spaces.

cable reel moverThe custom cart, which was designed by our Special Projects Team, is capable of lifting, loading, and securely transporting different size reels. 

It’s a custom, all-in-one solution that has reduced the reliance on expensive forklift trucks and overhead cranes. Today, operations run more smoothly and efficiently, thanks to a custom design that offers complete flexibility for now and the future.

The PS3000+ is our most powerful electric tug yet and allows a single operator to move loads of up to 154,000 lbs. Our Special Projects Team was also called on to design a custom cart – showing that, whatever the challenge, we have the expertise to create a precision-engineered solution tailored to our customers’ needs.

Need Something Different? We're Here to Help

We have a proven track record of delivering unique, custom solutions. Whether it’s designing a custom coupling, modifying our electric tuggers to work in a challenging environment, or designing an entirely new solution like this cable drum mover, our Customer Engineering team can help.


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