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LM100 Power Tuggers Deliver 6x Efficiency Gain for Arneg USA

Employee at Arneg USA using cart tugger

Arneg USA designs, manufactures, and services premium refrigerated display cases and cabinets for the retail food industry and has recently worked with MasterMover to unlock safer operations and make material handling processes 6 times more efficient by implementing four LM100 power tuggers.

Challenges of Moving Carts Across 130000 ft² Facility

Arneg USA, a distinguished manufacturer of retail refrigeration, faced a significant challenge in their day-to-day operations – the manual movement of heavy material carts across their flagship US manufacturing facility in Lexington, North Carolina.

Prior to the introduction of LM100 tuggers, Arneg relied heavily on manpower to move carts laden with refrigerator components across their expansive 130000 ft² factory floor. With loads often exceeding 600 lbs. manual handling methods posed not only logistical hurdles but also ergonomic risks.

Teams of 5-6 operatives would manually push carts from one end of the facility to the other, repeating the process throughout the day. However, as the frequency and intensity of these movements increased, so did concerns over the well-being of their workforce, particularly among female operators who reported shoulder and arm strain.

Arneg Chooses MasterMover Power Tuggers to Ease Manual Handling

Arneg initiated discussions with MasterMover with the goal of finding a safer and more efficient alternative to the labor intensive manual handling methods. With 25 years of experience in designing innovative load-moving solutions and located in Charlotte, just an hour away from Arneg’s Lexington facility, MasterMover was the ideal partner.

We purchased a handful of tugger machines from MasterMover. They came out to demonstrate the unit before we purchased and worked with us on pricing to meet our budget. The machines themselves have served their purpose very well. Overall, a really positive experience.

Assessing the application, MasterMover recommended the LM100, a compact electric tugger, part of the leading SmartMover range. A physical demonstration of the LM100 at the Lexington facility showed its suitability for the operation's unique requirements and quickly proved the concept to operators.

Power tugger moving heavy carts

Arneg acquired four LM100 from MasterMover for use across their Lexington manufacturing facility. With a durable construction, the LM100 is the perfect ‘tool for the job’ in manufacturing, delivering safer and more efficient load moving from day one. With a load capacity of 2,200 lbs. the LM100’s robust capacity is capable of handling Arneg’s diverse range of cart payloads, while a simple and ergonomic design made it an attractive proposition for operators.

LM100 Delivers Tangible Benefits for Arneg’s Lexington Facility

Since the implementation of LM100 tuggers, Arneg has experienced a notable transformation in their operations. The elimination of manual handling risks has not only alleviated concerns of worker safety but has also yielded productivity gains.

From a 6 person challenge to an one person job...

Movements have become faster and more efficient, no longer requiring five to six people, allowing for a significant increase in the number of movements per day and delivering an efficiency improvement of over 6x. 

One operator, moves twice as much...

With a load capacity of 2,200 lbs. the LM100 machines also enable a single operator to move two carts at once, delivering a significant efficiency improvement – without compromising on safety. Enabling staff to focus on more productive tasks and reducing the labor required to move carts to one, frees up staff productivity and reduces labor requirements by 83%.

The powered tuggers from MasterMover have allowed our warehouse team to be more productive throughout the day by reducing fatigue and physical strain.

Taking proactive measures to improve workplace safety and eliminate manual handling, Arneg has seen a reduction in the risk of injuries such as strains, aches, and musculoskeletal disorders amongst workers, with the LM100 machines now taking the strain.


Each LM100 is in use all day by operators to pull mixed weight carts containing component parts to the assembly line for a variety of refrigeration products, boosting morale and workplace ergonomics day-in, day-out.

Arneg USA's adoption of MasterMover's LM100 tuggers has not only addressed longstanding challenges in their material handling processes but has also ushered in a new era of safety and productivity. The successful rollout of the powered tuggers has exceeded expectations, and there are plans to investigate other applications for the tuggers across the Lexington plant.

Ready to Unlock Safer Operations?

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