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Transformer Manufacturer Powers Efficiency with Electric Tugger

tugger moving heavy transformer

A leading multinational manufacturer specializing in the production of motors, generators, and transformers has implemented a MasterMover electric tugger solution to streamline the movement of heavy transformers at its factory in Mexico City.

The Project

A pioneer in the electrical machinery industry, this manufacturer sought a solution to move a new line of large-scale transformer units along rail tracks and through production.

To support their search, they contacted MasterMover’s partner in Mexico – ZCC Spray Coating Solutions, a specialist in industrial equipment and custom solutions.

With the industrial transformers weighing up to 110,000 lbs., this manufacturer needed a powerful solution that would enable the seamless movement of loads along the rail tracks. After discussing the customers’ requirements, MasterMover partner ZCC Spray Coating Solutions worked with MasterMover to propose a suitable solution.

The Solution for Moving Heavy Transformers

MasterMover’s leading MasterTug range was selected due to its compact footprint and ability to move heavy weights. The MT1200+, part of the MasterTug range, was specified as the ideal solution, enabling a single operator to safely maneuver the transformers along the rail tracks with complete control.

The MT1200+ boasts a compact but powerful design, making it the perfect solution for handling large loads in industrial environments.


The Mexico City-based manufacturer chose the MT1200+ tugger based on four key benefits:

  1. Efficiency 

    For this customer, an entirely new material handling solution was needed to move the transformers. The solution is quicker and more flexible than alternative systems such as overhead cranes and chain-driven rail systems, improving efficiency.
  2. Control 

    Featuring a powerful and optimized design, the MT1200+ can push, pull, and stop the transformers with total control. Loads can be moved through busier areas with control.
  3. Load security 

    Boasting a secure coupling system, the MT1200+ creates an unbreakable connection to the load, enabling the 110,000 lbs. transformers to be moved and stopped with complete confidence.
  4. Sustainability 

    Unlike traditional heavy-duty material handling systems like diesel forklift trucks or shunters, the MT1200+ is battery-powered – making it a safer solution for working inside and delivering zero emissions.

Electric Tugs for Engine, Pump and Generator Manufacturers

For manufacturers of industrial engines, pumps, and generators, finding material handling solutions that deliver heavy weight capacity and flexibility can be a challenge. The sheer size and weight of loads can mean that large and rigid systems like diesel forklift trucks, overhead cranes, or chain-driven systems are relied on to mobilize loads – compromising flexibility and efficiency.

Our electric tuggers allow a single operator to efficiently move heavy loads such as transformers, generator components, and pumps through the production process. With no operator license required, there’s no wasted time in waiting for a licensed driver, maximizing productivity and production flow – empowering manufacturers to drive operational efficiency.

Heavy duty electric tug in manufacturing

Customer-centric Collaboration

With a global customer base made up of leading manufacturers, we strive to deliver great customer service wherever our customers are in the world. Working with industry leaders and specialists as part of our growing network of sales partners enables us to do just that.

For this manufacturer of motors and transformers, our partner in Puebla, Mexico, ZCC Spray Coating Solutions worked with them to implement more efficient and flexible handling processes. A leader in delivering complete painting systems, custom solutions, and equipment, ZCC Spray Coating Solutions serves a diverse range of industries, including industrial manufacturing, agricultural equipment, aerospace, and automotive.

tugger moving transformer on rails

Partnering with ZCC Spray Coating Solutions allows us to continue our mission to deliver safer, more efficient operations to customers all over the world.


Our MT1200+ pedestrian electric tugger enabled this leading transformer manufacturer to benefit from improved efficiency and flexibility when moving loads through production. A single operator can safely and confidently move the 110,000 lbs. transformers along the rail track with total control.

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