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Electric Trailer Mover Enables Safe Movement of Trailers for Cartwright

Using an electric trailer moving system to move heavy trailer

By investing in electric pedestrian tuggers, a manufacturer of commercial vehicle trailers has improved production flows and labor efficiencies whilst also reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to its employees when moving trailers through each stage of production.

Established in 1960, The Cartwright Group is a UK-based, privately owned, family-run business that manufactures a wide range of commercial vehicle trailers, including curtain-sided trailers, box vans, drawback, skeletal and temperature-controlled trailers. The company operates from a 38-acre site and possesses one of the most efficient bodywork and trailer manufacturing plants in Europe. The company can provide customers with a genuine one-source solution, from design and manufacture, to trailer finance and rental.

Cartwright’s latest innovation is the Cheetah Fastback, an aerodynamically designed trailer that not only helps customers reduce their carbon emissions and fuel costs but also has dimensions that enable it to operate in a general fleet. The Cheetah Fastback is available as a van, curtain sider or refrigerator design.

The Cheetah Fastback is manufactured at Cartwright’s Altrincham plant, which produces a wide range of trailers, each one typically weighing between 5 and 10 tons (when empty).

Identifying the Need for Safer Trailer Movers 

Safety concerns and reliance on traditional handling equipment

Prior to investing in pedestrian operated tuggers from MasterMover , employees at the plant were using a combination of forklift trucks (with special attachments) and a diesel tractor unit to move trailers through each stage of the production and assembly. Whilst several forklifts or a single diesel tractor unit are physically capable of lifting heavy loads, they are not specifically designed for moving trailers and so can present a considerable risk to the safety of employees at the site.


Addressing efficiency and inflexibility

Furthermore, as well as health and safety concerns, Cartwright also required a more flexible, versatile method of moving trailers around the site’s relatively tight production areas, where space is often restricted to just 4 meters between each trailer. Maneuvering forklift trucks or a tractor unit in and out of production areas at the site was, therefore challenging and time-consuming, and so the company sought a much safer and more efficient solution.

Barry Atherton, General Manager at Cartwright’s Altrincham plant comments: “Space in the production areas here is pretty confined and so we required a compact machine that could move trailers quickly and safely through each stage of the manufacturing flow line. We didn’t want to lose valuable production time waiting for a forklift truck or a diesel tractor unit to arrive in order to move the trailer onto the next stage of the process. We also didn’t want our employees to have to put up with the exhaust fumes from using a diesel tractor or truck inside the Coach Building Areas. So the company searched the market for a suitable solution and discovered the ideal solution from MasterMover.”


The Solution - Electric Trailer Mover

Since August 2003, Cartwright has purchased a total of eight Trailer Moving Systems (TMS) from MasterMover. The Trailer Moving System is a versatile electric trailer dolly that is designed for moving lorry trailers through manufacturing processes and service centers. The TMS is specially designed to provide control and maneuverability to the operator whilst moving heavy, awkward loads of up to 44,000 lbs.

See a motorized trailer mover in action...


The Benefits of Electric Trailer Movers for Cartwright 

The tugger is very compact and simply connects to the trailer via a coupling mechanism, which enables the operator to then pull the trailer in and out of tight spaces, without risk of accidents or injuries to employees. Between 20-30 employees at Cartwright’s Altrincham site now use the MasterMover Trailer Moving System.

Barry Atherton continues: “Training to use the tuggers is very straightforward and fast. Our operators have quickly got to grips with using the tuggers and are now confident and happy that they have the appropriate equipment that does the job safely and with minimal effort. This means that there is always someone available on hand when a trailer needs to be moved on to its next stage of production, which in turn has led to improvements in overall production efficiencies and productivity."

The cost of a TMS is also a fraction of the cost of a diesel tractor unit or forklift truck, which is not designed to move a trailer. The TMS can be used in confined spaces so we can get more trailer units through our production process now if we need to. When we’ve needed it, technical support and training from MasterMover have been excellent.

About the Trailer Moving System

The Trailer Moving System is specifically designed to move unladen trailers weighing up to 44,000 lbs. From articulated trailers to flat beds and low loaders, the TMS range of electric tuggers allows the effortless movement of heavy trailers inside, outside and on slopes.    

Featuring a universal kingpin connection, the Trailer Moving System connects securely to any commercial trailer. Once securely connected, the Trailer Moving System safely raises one end of the trailer off the ground, enabling a full range of movement. Fully electric and license-free, the Trailer Moving System prevents bottlenecks in moving trailers for both distribution depots and manufacturers alike. 


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