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Aerospace Manufacturer Unleashes Full Potential Of Automated Assembly Line Thanks To MasterMover

Aerospace Manufacturer Unleashes Full Potential Of Automated Assembly Line Thanks To MasterMover

For manufacturers who want to realise the full potential of a fit-for-the-future assembly line, MasterMover’s load moving solutions are ideal for unleashing maximum productivity and efficiency.

That was certainly the case for a well-known aerospace manufacturer, which has recently invested in robotics to automate the assembly of aircraft nose cones and improve flexibility in its production facility.

The robots are heavy and awkward to move and as MasterMover’s Raphael Spalvieri pointed out, speed and time is of the essence.

Raphael is Regional Sales Manager for our French division, MasterMover SARL. He said: “The challenge is to move the robots quickly and safely. Any delay creates a backlog and ultimately costs money.

The robots weigh up to 20,000 kg and are difficult to manoeuvre. Previously, this would have been done by hand and to achieve the precision movement to place the robots exactly where they need to be would not have been possible.

Instead, the manufacturer had MasterMover in mind when developing a bespoke trolley to house the robot which is then carefully moved alongside the nose cones so that there is no disruption to the assembly line.

Two MT1200+ machines have been brought in to attach to the trolley, meaning that the robots can now be transported swiftly and easily – and even turned 360° if needed.

Without the introduction of the new system, any gains made through the introduction of the robotics would have been cancelled out because of delays in moving the trolleys back and forth.

Raphael added: “It goes to show that MasterMover is perfect for integrating into assembly lines, and in fact helping to realise the full potential of flexible and mobile production facilities. In this example, it has not been an add-on – the MT1200+ is a vital component in ensuring the new assembly line is as efficient and productive as possible.

The MT1200+ electric tug is designed to allow a single pedestrian operator to push, pull and steer loads weighing up to 12,000kg.

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