Autonomous Guided Vehicles AGV Tugger Range

Through the introduction of the MasterMover Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) Tugger Range, MasterMover continues to demonstrate its focus on product development and innovation to meet the demand of modern material handling challenges.

MasterMover's AGV Tug Range is the result of 20 years of design and manufacturing expertise integrated with the very latest in guidance technology and fleet management systems. We offer a customer-focused, project-managed solution to meet your AGV system requirements.

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Application of AGV tugs

Production line automation utilising MasterMover AGV

Autonomous Guided Vehicles AGV Electric Tugs
Mm production agv 300 tow

AGV 300 Tow | Weight icon Up to 3,000kg

Typical application: Automation of side line delivery

Mm production ps agv

AGV 3000+ PS | Weight icon Up to 30,000kg

Typical application: Automation of production line

Key benefits of a MasterMover AGV tugger system

  • Safety: CE Marked product, designed to AGV standards, built by ISO 9001 certified business
  • Efficiency: Reduce time associated with non-value add product transportation process
  • Cost: Modular approach to automation that avoids high upfront cost associated with installation of fixed automation systems
  • Layout flexibility: Enjoy benefits of automation without constraints of fixed infrastructure
  • Dual Use: Instantaneously switch AGVs back to pedestrian tugs to allow for use elsewhere
  • Load Capacity: AGV range of tugs move up to 30 tonnes
  • Support: UK based service and support to ensure continuous operation
Mm iso icons

Guidance & Fleet management

MasterMover understands that customer environments and system requirements vary considerably. As such, our customer-led approach provides access to the full range of guidance and fleet management technology available.


Mm guidance floor
Mm guidance laser
Mm guidance environment


Mm dispatching ps agv
Mm dispatching computer ps agv

Project Managed Solution

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MasterMover implements a staged project management approach to guarantee the successful design, installation and servicing of bespoke solutions. Key stages begin and end with customer reviews and sign off to ensure continued focus on delivering on time, on budget and as specified.

Stage 1

Initial customer engagement & technology demonstration

Stage 2

Initial system design

Stage 3

Detail design

Stage 4

Factory acceptance testing

Stage 5

Installation handover

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