MasterMover taking the push at Cork Airport

Atp400   airports   cork airport

Published : 06/11/2018

The MasterMover All Terrain Pusher (ATP400) electric tugger is helping to keep the wheels of travel rolling for guests arriving and departing at Cork Airport, Ireland. It has been a rewarding year for the international airport, with passenger growth in excess of three per cent in the first six months of 2018, and...

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SmartMover® SM100+ is sheets ahead at UK Midlands hospital

Sm100    healthcare   university hospital south manchester

Published : 05/11/2018

An UK Midlands hospital is keeping laundry supplies moving with support from MasterMover. Fitted with a bespoke dual-purpose coupling, the SM100+ tugger is proving its worth in the busy healthcare environment - enabling a single user to move two roll cages at a time, using the Xriss Xcross roll cage connection...

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MovingStories MasterMover Global News Fall 2018

Moving stories us

Published : 01/11/2018

A warm welcome to our new quarterly edition of Moving Stories, where we share with you the industry benefits from a variety of our materials handling solutions used around the globe. Featuring news in: • Manufacturing & Assembly- Four MT600+ electric tuggers are on a roll with roller-coaster manufacturer...

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MasterMover makes French connection in new business expansion

Mastermover   french office opening

Published : 12/09/2018

Electric tug manufacturer MasterMover is expanding its horizons across The Channel, with a new sales and service office near Paris. The company, which has its international headquarters in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, has opened the facility in the Bailly-Romainvilliers region. From there, MasterMover is providing...

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Electric Tugger solves medical assessment problem of moving heavy trolleys by hand

Sm100  side aspect img 2136

Published : 06/02/2018

PACE Paparazzi Catering & Event GmbH purchased 2, SM100+ MasterMover electric tugger units with a special coupling that fits to 6 different trolleys. Founded in 2005, PACE Paparazzi Catering & Event GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of Axel Springer AG. They have over one million guests a year in their...

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MasterMover® solves problem of moving goods in limited factory space with an Electric Tugger

Z53 00107   mt1500

Published : 06/02/2018

Beuttenmüller GmbH purchased an MT1500+ electric tugger with a trolley. The company designs and manufactures machinery moulds and tools for the car industry and has over 75 years’ experience, having been founded in 1937. Problem Beuttenmüller was lacking space to move goods around their factory and they had the...

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MasterMover® Electric Tugger for a famous car manufacturer

Z51 00101   mt300

Published : 06/02/2018

One of the biggest car manufacturers located in Germany, purchased an MT300+ electric tugger from MasterMover GmbH. The vehicle production plant is a manufacturing environment consisting of chassis manufacturing, spraying and final assembly and has the capability of producing 90 luxurious chassis’...

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Leading Electric Tugger Manufacturer invests in US facilities

Usa logo linkedin

Published : 05/02/2018

British pedestrian electric tugger manufacturer MasterMover has launched a US company to serve customers across both America and Canada. Over the last decade, the rapidly growing business has found great success selling to some of the biggest names in America. MasterMover’s electric tuggers are used to move loads...

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Moving large loads with MasterMover electric tugs

Tms1650    articulated lorry trailers %284%29

Published : 07/11/2017

The world record for the heaviest object pulled over 100 feet belongs to a US reverend who pulled a 68-tonne lorry. This is an impressive achievement, but one that manufacturing plant engineers must regularly equal using specialist equipment — with various degrees of success. Here, Hugh Freer, a director of electric...

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Move trailers single-handedly

Tms1650    articulated lorry trailers   cartwrights

Published : 02/08/2017

Electric tug specialist MasterMover has launched its articulated trailer moving system, a pedestrian operated motorised electric tug that can move loads of up to 11,000kg. The product, named the TMS1650+, is ideal for use by maintenance staff in the automotive, logistics, rail and transport sectors. The TMS1650+...

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