Special Projects

At MasterMover, we recognise that customers’ material handling needs may stretch beyond our existing product range. As such, we offer our design expertise to modify existing products or to build new ones so that we can solve your specific challenges.

As bespoke solutions become more complex in nature, MasterMover will implement a structured project management process, involving customer reviews and sign off, to ensure that delivered solutions remain on time, on budget and as specified.

special projects bespoke solutions from MasterMover

Bespoke Design

  1. Temperature
  2. ATEX
  3. Radiation
  4. Ingress protection
  5. Clean room
  1. Remote control operation
  2. Machine positioning & proximity detection
  3. Designated environment behaviour
  4. Load detection, electrical interfacing & control
  1. Custom built machines
  2. Turnkey solutions

Project Managed Solution

MasterMover implements a staged project management approach to guarantee the successful design, installation and servicing of bespoke solutions. Key stages begin and end with customer reviews and sign off to ensure continued focus on delivering on time, on budget and as specified.

Stage 1

Initial customer engagement & technology demonstration

Stage 2

Initial system design

Stage 3

Detail design

Stage 4

Factory acceptance testing

Stage 5

Installation handover