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Move More with Confidence, Control and Less Risk

Improve the production process of wind turbine blades and much more by effortlessly moving high value loads with ease. Our innovative material handling solutions keep manufacturing operations and maintenance moving.

MasterMover electric tugs not only reduce the need for the push and pull of manual handling, but also offer greater flexibility and more control. With minimum effort, operators can achieve the precise and safe movement of heavy and large-scale loads even in congested areas.

Benefits Unlocked with Electric Tugs

  • Leaner operational efficiencies and reduced downtime.
  • Confidence and control when moving high value, sensitive loads.
  • Reduced risk of damage to products.
  • Easy movement of heavy and awkward loads through congested production environments.
  • Reduced risk of manual handling incidents.
  • Zero emissions and reduced reliance on overhead cranes and forklift trucks.
Energy Sector Material Handling
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Solutions For Every Application

Our range of electric tugs, the largest available of any material handling provider, ensures you have the right load moving solution for any application. Whether you need to move large-scale rotor blades, nacelle, light weight tooling, parts to the production line, or automate the movement of waste disposal with an Automated Guided Vehicle – throughout your manufacturing operations our range of electric tugs can seemlessly be applied to multiple applications.

The Power of MultiLink Technology

Using MultiLink technology, you can position two machines on either end of a long, awkward or heavy load. Both machines work in sync and can be moved under the control of a single operator, who can move the load via remote control.

  • Modular, scalable and future proof
  • Push and Pull any load safely over 30,000 kg
  • Complete wireless control
  • Simultaneously control up to 12 tugs

Why Leading Companies Trust MasterMover

MasterMover is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric tugs. Renewable energy companies trust us to be part of their manufacturing operations. That gives us the knowledge and you the reassurance to help you choose the right product for your needs including:

  • Durability and high-quality that deliver time and time again
  • Ability to deliver custom solutions designed around existing systems and processes
  • Compact and powerful machines delivering safe, precise movements of high-value loads

We also offer an aftersales support service using regionally based technicians to give you complete peace of mind, wherever you are in the world, alongside certified operator training and service plans.

Your Guide to Material Handling in the Energy Sector

Discover how electric tugs can power efficiencies and safety in your operations.

What’s inside your guide…

  • The applications of electric tugs
  • The benefits of electric tugs
  • How the energy sector is moving heavy loads with ease
  • Our range of electric tug products
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