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The manual handling solution every safety professional needs…

565,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury according to the Labour Force Survey in 2021/22. Out of this number, 477,000 workers suffered from work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Musculoskeletal disorders and injuries are often caused by manually pushing, pulling or lifting heavy loads, leading many HSE Managers to look for safer manual handling solutions...

The cost of injuries from manual handling in the workplace is estimated to be in the £billions. (

Safety Managers need effective and simple manual handling solutions to create a safe working environment so employees feel safe and empowered.

The challenges of workplace safety 

The manual movement of goods, equipment and products is used relied on across a range of industries from retail to pharmaceutical. But the pushing, pulling and lifting of loads can result in the risk of injury. Staff are at the greatest risk of injury when:

  • Tasks are repetitive
  • Operations exceed an employee’s abilities (i.e., weight being moved)
  • The layout of tasks is awkward
  • Employees have existing injuries 

Give manual handling the push

Looking to remove manual handling from your operations? If the answer is yes, we can help.

HSE Managers are often left searching for a way to reduce manual handling and improve safety without costly process overhauls.

The solution? Electric tugs! Compact, simple solutions designed to safely move heavy-wheeled loads. 


SmartMover SM100 moving aeroplane parts

Your manual handling solution

Safety Managers across the globe trust MasterMover electric tugs to...

  • Eliminate manual handling
  • Empower a single operator to move up to 30,000kg
  • Seamless movement in tight spaces 
  • Maximise visibility when moving loads, reducing collisions 
  • Boost efficiency with no operator license required
  • Bring comfort and power to repetitive tasks
  • Effortlessly move loads to reduce aches and strains

The safety benefits of electric tugs

Eliminate manual handling - icon

Eliminate manual handling

Electric tugs eliminate the need for staff to manually handle awkward, heavy loads, and provide all the power needed to safely push and pull loads. 

Safe working order - icon

Providing staff the right tools

Moving large, heavy and awkward loads takes its toll on staff. With the right manual handling solution, boost safety and maximise productivity.

Maximise revenue - icon

Increase productivity

Moving heavy loads by hand can often require the combined effort of multiple people, slowing operations down. An electric tug provides all the power for a single operator to safely move the heaviest loads. 

Optimise safety systems - icon

Reduce workplace injuries

Strains and musculoskeletal disorders result in staff absences. Electric tugs reduce workplace injuries and staff absences by creating a safer working environment. 

Electric tug safety features

Safety is non-negotiable. That's why our electric tugs feature a comprehensive range of safety features to ensure a safe operation, every time. 

Flashing safety light - icon

Flashing safety lights

Audio warnings - icon

Warning horns

Adaptive speed - icon

Speed controls

Anti-crush button - icon

Anti-crush system

MasterHandler emergency stop button

Emergency stop


Ergonomic controls

MasterTug CombiCoupling

Secure coupling systems

Toyota AGV300 TOW

Enhanced safety with AGV solutions

With safety as a key feature, Automated Guided Vehicles are the load-moving solution that is transforming production lines and operational activity.

Built with advanced guidance systems and sensor technology, our AGV machines can autonomously transport loads in and out of buildings, mix with other traffic, work on uneven flooring and handle bad weather.

From logistics warehouses to automotive manufacturing and much more, the MasterMover AGV provides power, speed, safety and precision.

Trusted to deliver across industry

Safety Managers trust MasterMover electric tugs across a diverse range of industries. 

Whether it's in eliminating manual handling when moving roll cages in retail, or improving safety in industrial manufacturing, our electric tugs are relied on to maximise workplace safety. 

Your questions, answered - FAQs

Can one electric tug really move up to 30,000kg?

Yes, our most powerful machine, the PS7000+ can move over 70,000kg. Though realistically if you're looking to reduce manual handling our smaller capacity ranges are likely more relevant! 

Our Compact Range comprises of best-in-class manual handling solutions, capable of moving loads of up to 6,000kg. 

If you're looking for a higher-capacity solution, our Performance Range features impressive handling solutions for moving 70,000kg and beyond. 

Can I use an electric tug outside?

Yes, our electric tugs can be used inside, outside and on slopes.  Whether it's in facilitating movement from building-to-building, on the shop floor or up inclines, you can be confident in a safe, powerful solution. 

How do electric tugs improve productivity?

Electric tugs are the ideal manual handling solution for Safety Mangers looking to improve workplace safety and boost staff productivity. 

Heavy, awkward loads often require multiple staff members to move by hand. With an electric tug, a single operator can move loads - enabling other staff to focus on more productive tasks. 


Is the movement of loads really effortless with an electric tug?

Yes, electric tugs produce all the power needed to move the load it’s attached to, so the user only has to direct its navigation -- there's no physical effort required. 

Is an operator license required?

As our machines do not lift loads off the ground, they are not subject to LOLER regulations. This means no operator license is required, meaning with some simple overview training - you can be up and running in no time. 

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