Increase manufacturing efficiency, create safe working environments, move heavy and awkward loads

We’ve been working with the world’s leading tire manufacturers for more than two decades. Thanks to our compact yet powerful pedestrian operated electric tuggers and electric tow tugs, we’re helping to create modern, efficient and safe production environments that are truly fit for the future.

Reduce manual handling and let our heavy-duty machines take the strain, with moving capabilities of 110 lbs up to 66,000 lbs – and beyond. Whether it’s moving finished products and complete tires or raw materials, MasterMover has the answer.

Need a custom design to fit an existing trolley? Whatever the weight, size or existing coupling, MasterMover’s expert team of designers and engineers will work with you to create the right solution.

We’re helping tyre manufacturers to move:

  • Cassette trolleys
  • Tread book trolleys
  • Bead racks
  • Rubber construction
  • Material trolleys

To arrange an onsite survey and consultation with one of our material handling solutions, call us at 980-263-2210 or submit your inquiry.

Benefits of using MasterMover electric tugs in tire manufacturing

  • Eliminates the manual handling of production equipment
  • Increases manufacturing efficiency
  • Improves safety for employees
  • Allows a single operator to move heavy and awkward loads
  • No operator license required


Compact and powerful load moving solutions for the modern tire industry