Automotive & Heavy Plant

Automotive and heavy plant machinery manufacturers use MasterMover electric tuggers to enhance lean processes and increase shop floor flexibility.
Whether it’s in the lineside delivery of parts or the transfer of heavy sub-assemblies, electric tuggers maximize production efficiency and reduce downtime.

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Sectors we work in

Working across the automotive and heavy plant manufacturing industry, global manufacturers trust electric tuggers to drive operational efficiency, optimise production processes and enhance workplace safety.

Automotive & commercial vehicles

Shifting efficiency up a gear

Automotive and commercial vehicle OEMs depend on electric tuggers to maximize efficiency in the movement of body-in-whites, press tools, parts and kitting carts. Eliminating manual handling and reducing the dependency on forklift trucks in internal processes enables automotive manufacturers to unlock greater efficiency and create leaner production lines.

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Automotive supply chain

Optimizing automotive supply chain efficiency

Our innovative material handling equipment is trusted across the automotive supply chain to reduce bottlenecks and streamline processes – ensuring production keeps moving. Relied on by leading automotive tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, electric tow tugs deliver the safe, efficient movement of parts, components and equipment. Enabling the just-in-time movement of loads, electric tuggers help you maintain credibility and commitment to your automotive manufacturing customers.

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Heavy Plant

Maximum flexibility to meet demand and reduce costs

Increased demand, supply chain pressures and large, cumbersome loads continue to put pressure on heavy plant machinery manufacturers. To create flexible, scalable processes that reduce downtime and maximize production output, heavy plant manufacturers choose electric tuggers – compact machines that deliver the controlled movement of 154,000 lbs. loads and beyond. 

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Engine, pump and generator

Heavy-duty solutions for powerful movements

Within the manufacture of engine, pump and generators, rapid evolution across the industry is powering the focus on production efficiency and agility, with manufacturers looking to reduce wasted time and create leaner processes. Leading manufacturers trust MasterMover electric tuggers to create flexible production processes and deliver the controlled movement of heavy-wheeled loads in confined spaces.

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Trailer manufacturing

Reducing downtime in trailer movement

For trailer manufacturers, improving workflows and streamlining processes is key. However, many manufacturers still rely on a combination of shunters, forklift trucks and lorry cabs to transfer completed trailers off the line. Our electric Trailer Moving System makes light work of unladen trailers weighing up to 44,000 lbs. with zero emissions. Perfectly suited for tight production areas and to deliver maximum visibility and smooth, controlled movement.

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Tire manufacturing

Eliminating manual handling to accelerate efficiency

Global tire manufacturing facilities trust MasterMover electric tuggers to eliminate manual handling and boost production efficiency. Whether it’s in the movement of cassette carts, bead racks or even tread trolleys, electric tuggers enable a single operator to effortlessly move heavy-wheeled loads, maximizing safety and empowering operators to focus on greater value-adding tasks. 

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The benefits for automotive and heavy plant industries 

Manufacturers in automotive and heavy plant industries trust MasterMover electric tow tugs to deliver the safe, controlled movement of wheeled loads.  

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  • Improving operational efficiency

    Accelerating operational efficiency

    A license-free operation reduces bottlenecks and drives operational efficiency, empowering staff to focus on value-adding tasks. 

  • Fork-free future

    Creating safer, fork-free zones

    Electric tuggers empower manufacturers to reduce their reliance on forklift trucks in congested areas – improving workplace safety and reducing the risk of accidents. 

  • Staff safety

    Keeping your people safe

    Alongside reducing forklift traffic in production environments, electric tow tugs help manufacturers improve workplace safety by eliminating the need for manual handling.

  • Operate in tight spaces

    Controlled movement of 154,000 lbs. in tight areas

    Powerful performance and intuitive controls guarantee the controlled movement of heavy, high-value loads – even in congested production environments. 

Trusted by industry heavyweights

Leading global automotive and heavy plant manufacturers trust MasterMover electric tuggers to boost production efficiency and maximize workplace safety. 

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Toyota AGV Case Study

AGV Systems – Case Study

Toyota accelerates efficiency with an AGV system

A world leader in its field, the automotive manufacturer has achieved a return on investment and improved operational efficiency when moving parts to the production line…

Learn how Toyota Motor Manufacturing used an AGV system to automate its driving processes.

Ready to Unlock Safer Operations? 

Are you looking to improve safety and efficiency in your operations? Contact us to discover how you could transform your processes to enhance efficiency and maximise workplace safety with an electric tugger or electric tow tug.  

Toyota AGV electric tug

Automated Guided Vehicles for Automotive & Heavy Plant

Maximize production efficiency and accuracy with Automotive & Heavy Plant AGV systems

Our AGVs deliver the predefined, controlled movement of loads – without the need for an operator.

You can maximize efficiency and guarantee the safe and precise movement of high-value loads every time with our AGV systems.