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Visibility and Safety at Automotive Glazing Manufacturer

Visibility and Safety at Automotive Glazing Manufacturer

Saving time and boosting efficiency were just two of the reasons why a leading manufacturer of windshields chose a MasterMover electric tugger.

The world-leading automotive supplier – which has sites in Hungary, Italy and Poland – needed a reliable and easy-to-use load moving solution when transporting polyvinyl butyral – a material that is used in the production of laminated safety glass.

The resin sheet is taken out of storage on a hydraulic scissor lift cart before being moved to the assembly line, placed between two layers of glass, cut to size, compressed and then baked.

The cart, which needs to navigate around tight corners, would have previously been pushed and pulled into place by two members of staff.

Today, a SM100+ is doing all the hard work.

Now, a single employee uses a SM100+ to securely attach to the cart and, with no effort required, guides the load to where it needs to go. It means that other staff members can get on with more valuable activities while production is able to continue smoothly and without interruption.

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