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Start Your Engines With MasterMover

Start Your Engines With MasterMover

In a manufacturing environment when reducing wasted time is essential, MasterMover is providing a solution to keep production moving.

A MT2000+ is being used to move heavy finished products at the end of an assembly line, while two smaller MasterTugs are used to move tooling and sub-assemblies throughout the rest of the process.

The factory, in northern France, makes mining equipment and large diesel engines for heavy industry.

The manufacturer wanted a solution that was reliable, robust and capable of safely and efficiently moving engines on carts.

An obvious answer was the MasterTug range, as the MT2000+ allows a single pedestrian operator to easily and quickly handle loads of up to 44,000 lbs. There is no need to wait for a forklift truck or other handling solution – MasterMover simply connects to the cart and goes, without delay.

Eric Houdot, Technical Sales Manager at MasterMover France, recommended the MasterTugs after visiting the manufacturing team on site.

Eric said: “It is a very modern factory and MasterMover is involved in its operation every day. We’re really proud to have provided a solution that keeps production running smoothly.”

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