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Safely Controlling High Value Loads at South Korean Factory

Safely Controlling High Value Loads at South Korean Factory

Safe and controlled movement of high-value loads was one of the key considerations for a manufacturer of vacuum pumps when choosing a MasterMover.

The company, which has a factory in South Korea, specialises in vacuum technology to remove impurities from semiconductors – the material found in thousands of everyday electrical products, from computers to smartphones and televisions.

Previously, these vacuum pumps were moved by hand, but because the load was so low to the ground, there was a high risk of back injuries – not to mention the potential for damage to the valuable equipment presented by manual pushing and pulling.

Today, a total of four customised MH400+ machines are making light work of the task – securely clamping on to the load with no physical effort required from employees.

It also allows for a far more controlled movement of the pumps, which are on all-swivelling castors. The low profile of the MasterHandler allows it to keep travelling loads of up to 4,000 kg straight and prevent sideways movement – which is great for space-restricted areas. Meanwhile, the specially designed side attachments effectively cushion the load, protecting it from damage.

The MH400+ is a compact yet powerful machine that has a wide variety of applications across different sectors and is also available in stainless steel.

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