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PowerSteered Electric Tuggers

PowerSteered Electric Tuggers

Our PowerSteered electric tuggers allow a single operator to move loads of up to 66,000 lbs (or more through MultiLink technology) using wireless remote-control technology.

There are two machines available in the PowerSteered Range:

  • PS800+ – movement of loads up to 17,600lbs
  • PS3000+ – movement of loads up to 66,000lbs

The PowerSteered range is designed to offer remote-controlled solutions to maximize safety, providing enhanced operator visibility and achieving efficient handling of large, heavy and awkward loads.

Two or more electric tuggers can be wirelessly linked together under the control of a single operator using our innovative MultiLink technology.


The remote-control operation means that operators can stand back from the load and take up the optimal position when executing movements.

The PowerSteered electric tugger range incorporates a host of safety features including a horn, a flashing beacon with audible alarm, a wireless transmitter with a safety shut-off if the signal is lost or interrupted, a caster guard for preventing entrapment and a hydraulic coupling that provides maximum load security. The self-levelling hydraulic design also means that the connection to the load is highly secure, meaning you don’t have to worry about unexpected disconnections.

The PS800+ has the additional advantage of being additionally compact, giving it the ability to be closer to the load.


The PS3000+ is the most powerful pedestrian electric tugger offered by MasterMover.

Machines in the range offer outstanding maneuverability, giving operators the ability to make precision movement of loads.

The side loading industrial capacity battery supplies the power to move, while the coupling system maximizes load security.

PowerSteered range electric tuggers are designed to be compact, yet able to move heavy loads securely and efficiently.


The PowerSteered range is designed with the same reliability and quality you’ve come to expect from MasterMover. Our engineers use innovative software and state-of-the-art engineering so our products perform for our customers over many years. The heavy-duty chassis on the PowerSteered electric tugger range means it is comfortable on both indoor and outdoor terrain. The non-marking tires are also designed for consistent performance and longevity.


High-performance, maintenance-free interchangeable batteries allow for 24/7 machine operation. Battery Display Information gives the operator a clear power status, so you’ll know when it’s time to recharge. An optional Battery Protection System slows down the machine prior to full battery drain.


The self-levelling hydraulics combined with the combi-coupling means loads are highly secure when connected to the machine. The MultiLink option comes with a smart coupling, offering additional programmable features. An optional adapter plate is available to convert female combi couplings to smart capability.

MultiLink Technology

The PowerSteered range features MultiLink technology which means that two or more machines can be wirelessly linked together to work in sync. This makes moving large or awkward loads far more simple and efficient. This single operator function also means that manpower is reduced and productivity increased.

Why Choose the PowerSteered Electric Tugger Range?

The PowerSteered has proven hugely popular with customers across a range of Industrial Manufacturing sectors. These machines are ideal for operations wanting to move loads that are large, heavy and/or awkward. The remote-controlled operation maximizes visibility, whilst MultiLink technology gives the option to have multiple electric tuggers work in sync to move loads with a large-size profile.

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