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On a roll with Slovakian roller-coaster manufacturer

On a roll with Slovakian roller-coaster manufacturer

In an environment where safety is critical, MasterMover is providing a solution to support a manufacturer of rollercoasters in Slovakia.

Four MasterMover MT600+ electric tuggers are safely moving steel structures weighing up to 33,000 lbs each as part of the production process at the Slovakian factory.

The manufacturer was looking for a solution to their problem of moving awkward sized loads safely and efficiently around their new production area.

MasterMover was able to provide a safe solution of moving the heavy objects, navigating safely on rails and having the ability to stay under control whilst being moved using their electric tuggers.

The electric tuggers are a remarkable lower cost alternative than a fully automated system for the production process and provide similar efficiency benefits. There versatile and clever way of moving material around the production area, with the ability of the machines to be used by any operator on site reducing any down time also adds to the efficiency and safety benefits.

The team in Slovakia can also rely on the MT600+ to deliver a flexible approach to adapt the machines for future increases in production or increase in size of loads if their needs change.

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